the next morning,Ding woke up early,After she came out with crutches,I found that Du Lei was already up,Cleaning the table。Du Lei said when she saw her up:“How did you sleep last night?”

Ding Yi said:“well,very good!”
Du Lei said:“Yes,You sleep well,I was woken up by the phone in the middle of the night。”
Ding Yi expected Jiang Fan to call in the middle of the night,Asked deliberately:“Whose call?”
Du Lei said:“Who are you talking about?Your husband’s。Turn off your phone,He called home。”
“Oh,He came back last night?”Ding Yi is pleasantly surprised,Then I lowered my eyes。
Du Lei said:“He didn’t come back at night,Got home at noon yesterday,Said he came back early because of an emergency,The meeting lasted until midnight yesterday,Haven’t had dinner in the middle of the night,Looking for food everywhere,Yesterday he called home when he first entered the hotel。”
“Ok。”Ding Yi faintly replied,And walked to the bathroom。
Du Lei said:“He said let you stay at home for a few more days,He can’t take care of you temporarily。”
Listen to Du Lei saying this,Ding Yi believed that Jiang Fan did encounter something,otherwise,He won’t ignore himself,Even if it’s out of courtesy out of coping,He will also tell her the news of his return。
Thinking like this,She felt a little looser in her heart。
morning,Du Lei went to work,The unit today gives employees some New Year benefits,She goes to receive welfare。Xiaohu playing his own model airplane in the house,Ding Yi seemed a little worried,At this moment,She received the message from Lu Yuan:She Wenxiu, secretary of the Langzhu Municipal Party Committee, was removed from office,Jiang Fan temporarily presides over the overall work。
Ding Yiyi,Political sensitivity made her immediately realize that something big had happened to Lang Zhu!She hurriedly turned on the TV,Broadcast directly to Langzhu News Comprehensive Channel,But the show at this time is a TV series。