Helplessness,Ye Tianzong empathizes。

“Expert……Oh no,Mr. Ye,Lying in the house,Is my friend for many years。now,Seriously ill,I saw a lot of famous Chinese and foreign doctors,Always ineffective,I found a solution,What you said,Nine Easy Thirteen Needles,But I also became a monk halfway,Research for months,Never got the essentials。”
“Now you come,hope……Can make progress。”
“inside,Except my friend,And his granddaughter,I’ve been waiting here for three days and nights without sleep,People are haggard now,Hey,I feel distressed。”
The boss sighed。
Although Song Wanqin has a lot of criticism,But I’m afraid the boss will blame,I really want to see,This is hard,What on earth do you have。
It’s best to come here and pretend,Sweep him out in a while,Dare to challenge yourself,Really tired of living!
“I try my best。”
Ye Tianzong didn’t say much。
Push in。
A strong smell of Chinese medicine,Bashing。
Simple furnishings in the house,The patient is lying on a wooden bed。
On the chair beside,Sitting with a beautiful shadow。
Dress fashion,I also got hair on my head,Very fashionable look,A pair of high heels on my feet,enough explanation,Granddaughter of this patient,Not in the pool。
“Jun Wan。”
“Come soon,I recommend you a master。”
“He knows acupuncture,Your grandpa’s illness,There is hope。”
The boss is very excited。
And the woman who heard,The cry stopped abruptly。