Waited a few seconds,This is the pain。

“you,You bastard。”
“Even my housework,Dare to control。”
“Everyone help me,Surround this person。”
Lin Guanhai’s pale face,Look to everyone。
People around hear,Surrounded Lin Yu one after another。
“Kid,This is my housework,Are you too nosy?”
“Just,My wife,Pit his money,Catch it back now,Let her spit out the money。
Who made you nosy?”
People around,All young people。
and so,work,Special impulse。
Not like some,Getting old,People watching the excitement。
Won’t be nosy,Only watch on one side。
because,Don’t know them myself,I don’t know if it’s true or not。
“Are you Zhu Yuemei?”
“I am your cousin,Yingying asked me to pick you up。”