“variety show,what type?”Lu Ban asked。

Kong Xi thought for a while,Replied:“I just listened to it,What is it called‘Romantic House’,My classmate said it was a reality show of star love,But there is a notebook,I asked about the shooting cycle,They only shoot once a week,Shouldn’t affect the progress of our movie。”
“Does not affect the shooting progress……You talk to them about the price first,Let’s check again in two days。”
Lu Ban did not refuse。
He also knows that this kind of love variety show is actually based on Taiwanese books.,Can increase a lot of popularity,As for the so-calledCPcombination,In the end, it’s just fan fantasy。
All artists want is heat。
For Lu Ban,It’s nothing more than knowing one more female artist,It doesn’t hurt。
After all, if Gu Qiao’s mine collapses in the future,The female artists he knows so far can count them with their toes。
leaf、Liu Xin……And Lin Haitang。
Neither is suitable for digging。
A qualified miner,We should take precautions。
After hanging up。
He turned to look at Gu Qiao,I found Gu Qiao sitting there and didn’t say a word。
Lu Ban guessed that Gu Qiao heard Kong Xi’s voice on the phone,So take the initiative to explain:“Kong Xi called and said there was a call‘Romantic House’’S variety show wants to invite me,You also know that apart from making movies recently,There is nothing to achieve in the short term……”
Lu Ban thinks,Gu Qiao may be angry。
A cold expression,Looking at the reflection of the moonlight on the river。
The atmosphere became a little silent。
I don’t know how long it has been。
Gu Qiao suddenly said:“You sing well,Can make a single,I asked Sister Luo for help,Help you promote。”