Li slowly became familiar with“Plain script”Above,Familiar with the laws of operation of everything in the world,So the cultivation speed is different from ordinary people,It can be said to be proficient in everything,It can be said that life is almost dead

Now, Li slowly has the Tao Te Ching,There is no need to give away the scriptures,In fact, the book of heaven has always been in the hands of nameless,I just haven’t had the opportunity to study carefully。
All the seven books of heaven originally existed in the Daomen,But a thousand years ago,A bright priest in Xiling Temple,Stole the scriptures,Escaped to the wasteland and founded the Demon Sect。
Later, the nameless is Ke Haoran,Single Sword Demon Sect,The Ming Scroll Heavenly Book naturally fell into the unknown hands。It’s just that Ke Haoran cut the sky and died in the original,Everyone thinks that the book is still in the ruins of the Demon Sect。
Only the master of the college knows,The book of heaven was quietly sent to the academy by Ke Haoran。
“Doctrine and reason”A Mingzi is the name of this heavenly book,Ming Zi Juan Tianshu naturally represents the truth of the world。
Anonymous reading is not with eyes,Perception,The scriptures in Mingji scrolls can’t be understood with the eyes.。
This book has been unknown for months,Initially I understand the truth of the world。
Putting down the Tianshu Wuming sighed。
The book of heaven is an agreement signed by Daomen on behalf of the world and Haotian。
According to an anonymous guess,The master of Taoism may be a powerful man who can create the world,But then he had a gamble with a monk who was not as powerful as himself,Win or lose bets unknown,The result is that Dao Sect Master lost,The consequence of losing is to lose the world to Haotian。
And the book of heaven is the agreement signed by the two,It is a temporary transfer of the authority of the Lord of the World。
The Book of Heaven is not only the granting of Vast Sky Divine Power, but also a restriction on Vast Sky Divine Power,For thousands of years, Haotian has harvested the creatures in the world,Its purpose may be for the authority of the world,It’s not that the creatures of time threaten Haotian’s status,But the truth contained in the creatures of time,Can bring Haotian closer to the origin of the world。
According to the agreement, Haotian must not be enough to create the world,Even the origin of the refining world is reluctant。
But in the gambling of a little monk and a big monk,It happened that the little monk won,While the great monk follows the betting contract,Set a lot of restrictions。Haotian as a little monk,Can only follow the rules set by the great monk,Although it has obtained part of the world’s authority,But there is still a distance from the Lord of the World。
Wuming shook his head,It seems necessary to collect the seven books,Look at the truth in the world。
but it does not matter,What to do is to do,Although it is slightly different from what I guessed,But what I have done is generally okay。