“12Building No.,1002room。”
Chu Yi riding a battery car,Circled twice in the community,Just found12Building No.。
“It’s a wrong way again!”Chu Yi muttered,Parked the battery car on the side of the road,Then walked in quickly12Building No.。
quickly,Just came1002Doorway。
Ok!Tuk tuk!
Chu Yi knocked on the door。
“Who?”An impatient voice came from the room。It sounds like a young woman。
“Rent-collecting。”Chu Yi’s voice is very soft,But these three words seem to be full of magical power。
The room seems to be quiet for a few seconds。
And soon someone ran out to open the door。
The door hasn’t opened yet,Chu Yi heard,I heard a sorry voice inside:“landlord,I’m so sorry,I’m a bit tight lately……”
but,As soon as the door opens,The voice stopped abruptly。
The woman in the room looked at Chu Yi in disbelief,Exclaimed:“It’s you?The little security guard at Tianxing Building!”
“It’s you?”Chu Yi was also surprised。
The woman in front of me is no one else,It is the beautiful woman sitting in the passenger car of Gao Hao Porsche today。
“You are Li Ting?”Chu Yi looked at each other suspiciously,Almost dare not recognize。