“uncle……Manager Liu,What did the big boss say?”Huang Zhixuan asked quickly。

Liu Dong lights a cigarette,I looked at my shoe tip。
“Nothing said,Let me be honest recently。”He said lightly。
“It’s that simple?”Huang Zhixuan was taken aback。
Liu Dong smiled:“Otherwise what do you think,Is it possible to get me out?”
“no no……That was not what I meant。”
Huang Zhixuan waved his hand quickly:“Is this thing so simple??Don’t our company have a lawsuit against the other three??”
Liu Dong smiled:“Do they have evidence?”
“Have photos?”Huang Zhixuan replied。
He was a little embarrassed to think of the photos,Because he found these navy soldiers,I didn’t expect to be caught by the other party。
Liu Dong patted him on the shoulder:“You are still too young,Our company has so many temporary workers,Which can not be top,Just find an artist who said there was a conflict with Lu Ban before,Buckle the pot on his head,is it hard?”
What else does Huang Zhixuan want to say?,But I was interrupted by Liu Dong。
Liu Dong didn’t bother to talk about trash like him anymore,He also knows what Huang Zhixuan wants to say,Because even if someone is holding the pot,No one will believe it。