Today is different,Especially when I heard the sour and sour words of the so strong Principal Mo Yun,It made President Wang feel like eating ginseng fruit,Every pore can resonate with happiness。

But as an adult,The pressure is still great。
President Wang knows very well,How good is he today,If the final result is contrary to what he said today,Someday in the future he will be able to double the sense of how unlucky it will be。
Yes,The adult world is so terrible!
But it doesn’t matter,For Wang Yufei and Lu Yuxin’s ability,Principal Wang still trusts。I just have to put a burden on these two children again……
In addition,Wang Yufei’s student status must be implemented in advance,How can I keep reading like this?Out of style!
It’s time to have a good conversation with Lao Guo on this topic!
One million cars are driven,I don’t know how to serve children!Why are these people so big in my own hands??Too shameless!
Wang Yufei didn’t know that President Wang had made up his mind,We must advance the implementation of his student status。
to him,Of course this is good news。
After all, the borrowers sound unstable,And the boy really hasn’t made a complete plan for the future yet。So I really don’t want to get out of my comfort zone。
So for him,Life is still no different。At noon after having a happy chat with Lu Yuxin,Went back to the classroom。
Do not,Still a little different。
This matter should start from the afternoon class schedule。
The afternoon class schedule is two math classes plus one physical education class。
However, after the second math get out of class,,Li Ke announced naturally:“Teacher Gao feels a little sick today,asked for leave。So everyone rest for ten minutes,We will continue to talk about the topic in the next class。”