Secretary Wang smiled and said:“You have to talk about credibility,Don’t you say it’s right,If I can’t find out about this,I might as well go home and grow sweet potatoes“

Seeing that Secretary Wang has such firm confidence,Xia Jian let go of his hanging heart。Secretary Wang asked a few more questions indirectly,Xia Jiandu answered one by one。
When I came out of Pingdu City Committee,It’s almost noon。Xia Jian glanced at his watch,Said to Yao Junli as if I couldn’t believe it:“I feel just going in,How come it’s noon all at once“
“cut!Just got in,Do you know how many questions you talked about?Really a good question,A talkative,But I became an idler,I can only sit and listen to you“Yao Junli said,Hit Xia Jian pretending to be angry。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Thank you,I invite you to dinner at noon“
“What to eat?”When Yao Junli heard that Xia Jian was going to invite her to dinner,My eyes light up。
Xia Jian thought about it:“It’s always big fish and meat all this time,I’m tired of you,Let’s eat noodles from our cafeteria at noon,Which master’s craftsmanship is excellent,Guarantee you will eat it last time,I still want to eat two or three times”
“All right,Don’t blow,You still go back to eat your noodles,I happen to have something at noon”Yao Junli finished,Stopped a car on the side of the road,Chao Xiajian waved,Turned into the car and left。
Because Secretary Wang agreed to do this,Xia Jian’s heart was extremely excited。He hummed a little tune and was about to go back to the apartment,Suddenly a familiar figure dangled before his eyes。
Isn’t this Cai Li?Xia Jian’s heart can’t help but mention,Caught up in two steps,Indeed she,Not seen for many days,Xia Jian felt that Cai Li was getting older。
“Cai Li,is it you?”Xia Jian whispered。
Cai Li stopped,She came back to see,See it is Xia Jian,He smiled and said:“Why are you here?Didn’t you get out by car??”Cai Li glanced around,Asked softly。
“Oh!I did something here,Just about to take a taxi back,I didn’t expect to see you。How are you doing,Okay?”Xia Jian asked with some concern。
Cai Li smiled calmly and said:“After coming out from you,Because there is no income,Gao Wei doesn’t harass me anymore,Now my daughter is sensible,When I saw Gao Wei bullying me,She will come up to help me“When Cai Li said this,,A happy smile on his face。
Xia Jian looked at Cai Li and said:“Can’t you do this,The child is getting older,You have to have an income guarantee,Otherwise, I will come across a place where money is used,How can this work?“
“Ok!I thought about it too,So I am now working as a babysitter with my family,I can make some money,Besides, someone in this family is working as a police officer,Still an official,In this case,Gao Wei dare not harass me again“When Cai Li said this,,Confident。Xia Jian saw,Happy in my heart。
Two people standing on the side of the road,Chatted a few days,Since Cai Li’s work time is up,That’s why the two of them separated。Xia Jiangang took two steps,Suddenly someone appeared in front of him,Blocked his way。
Xia Jian thought,Who is not so long-eyed,Such a big road,Still bumping together。He thought so,He raised his head and took a look,His heart couldn’t help but shrink,In his way,Not someone else,It is Gao Wei。
“Yo!President Xia!I see you two for a while,Are you reluctant to give up?!“Gao Wei said with a smile。