Decided,Buy a pet dog in the future,Use the name of the pet dog to it.。

Just exploding from Qingdao Deer【Pet roll】Still useless。
Unfortunately, peach blossom is not allowed to raise pets.,I can only wait, my own income suddenly increased.,Can go outside rent a bigger house。
Not far away,Famous,Dragon,It is a half-year thing。
Confident to the future,Science is only on the way of work。
Come to Chess,The war here is unprecedented,Almost every board is in front of the bureau,The sound of the fall is endless,Every checkerboard is a strong face。
“It’s a spectacular scene.,Just like the library before the final exam,The library starts from the moment of opening the door in the morning.,Be full of full,Going to late, I can’t find the location.。”Sumprise looks like this scene。
“This is a secret relationship with the pressure to their pressure.,It is like violent squid into the territory of Sardines.,Take all the pools。”Direct 坂 藏 之 介 跟。
“Bamboo cutting is also one of them,If he also bits the impetuous battle last year,So, after this round of closed customs,Already become stable,Although it is still a war,But you can obviously feel the growth of his mentality。”
“There is such a statement recently,Calling the new century,Refers to Xuan Yuxi,Science,Bamboo knife forging,Unhealthy,Qingdao deer these five young chess hands,It is estimated that to the twenty-first century,The times will be their world,Do you recognize this statement??”Sumprise asked。
“This title is good.,It is indeed that these five young people are not a small name or strength.,But how is An Yongxin mixed??Just because of the name of the century, the name of the 100-year bureau?”
“The tallest, the highest gold, probably, this means you do.,And use him to explore the Korean market is also excellent。”Sumprise smile laughs,But found in the competitive field,There will always have such a two-level military uniform existence.。
Directly laugh,But soon another depression:“It is a pity that it is really a pity.,He could have become the sixth。”
“Yes,it’s a pity。”
About one thing,They also have earned。
Direct suddenly lifted up in a direction:“Oh,One of our five,Corporation has also come to work early.。”
I hope to go in the direction he expect.,Kohogang is at a glance in a cup of coffee,Come from the front door。
Most people are immersed in the chess game,Not many people notice him。
Coats,The sight swept in everyone’s body。
can see。
Can see the points corresponding to each person。
Although he didn’t have anything,However, the points carried on each player are presented in front of him.。
It looks full of accumulation10It is not difficult to,Just hammer two people have。
And because of the approach of the famous war,Everyone is now training the chess,High-efficiency,Can cut fast a day10Bundle。
In addition to studying the points carried on each person,Corporation is also paying attention to the correlation between scores and their chess。
turn out,Magnifier carried on a player,It’s not a proportion with their chess.。
Some chess hands clearly and weak,But it carries it.8Score。
And some strong people only carry3Minute。