Summer nodded,No more。

The two quickly came to Sanjiang Hotel.。
The highest-end hotel,Inside the decoration,The hall is spacious and bright,Created rockery outside,More artificial waterfalls in two meters,Conscientiously。
Summer mind is not on this,Follow Zhang Fengxian to the third floor。
And push the door into a box。
Entrust,The hot waves of the hustle and bustle。
More than 20 people,Male and female women are students from Qinghai University,Ambience,Hustle and bustle。
Summer,In addition to friends with Yunno cheerleaders,I also see the boys such as Wang Fei and other Taekwondo.。
They didn’t know what they were sitting around there.。
Two people’s arrival,Naturally causing attention。
When a light is concentrated,Falling in Zhang Fengxian and the summer,Silent scene suddenly。
Next second。
All eyes are concentrated in Yun Ino。
There are more small things between everyone’s look.。
“Summer brother?”Yunno stationed up,The exquisite face is full of surprises,“You,How did you come?……”
Summer mild smile,“You have a birthday today,How can I?……”
Not finished,Sound stop。
Summer smile instantly converge……Allowed in a moment。
“Summer brother……”
Yun Ino’s voice is weak。
Summer at this moment,The darkly scorpion suddenly burst into cold,Third momentum drum,Suit hunting on body。
Everyone in the box doesn’t know what happened.,Just feel that a cold thing that is completely unaccompracted,The surrounding temperature suddenly came to the freezing point。
This moment,They seem to be in the cold winter,This cooler is straight into their bones.。
Everyone is full of sweat,Then the spirit of the spirit。
But this feeling is coming soon.,Just a moment in an instant。
Everything is constant。
Everyone is all,Oppose each other,I feel like illusion。
And at this time,Summer is going to walk to Yunno near。
He has no expression,I can’t see it on my face is anger.,Double eyes are still calm,No fluctuations。