“not me,Sword six。”

Slightly wrong in summer。
All the way,At the end,Come to the urban-rural joint,Finally jumped into a separate courtyard。
College,There is only one three-story small building。
But at this moment, standing alone.。
This person has difficulty,Like a statue of a statue。
See the Chushan River into,When you ask,“No tail is left,Recently, there are many strange faces near the hospital.。”
“should http://www.arrow-oil.cn not。”
Speech,Chu Shanhe put down summer。
Summer 揉 揉 揉,See the opposite side,It is the big magic Wang Jian Six。
“Boy,Why are you not surprised?。”
Sixty police in the sword looking at summer。
“What is surprising?”
Summer,“That day Wang came to find me,So I know that there is a definitely someone,Just I didn’t expect to be a teacher and you。”
Sword is not good,“Chu Mountain River is your http://www.bdmai.cn teacher,Isn’t I: Is it your teacher??
Even if your mother saw me,I have to respect the brothers.。”
Summer straightforward,“But you used to have been targeted,Want to snatch the respected ring。”
This sentence,The eyes of the Chushan River bloom a cold,Poor face。
Previous time,He knows the people of the big devil.,But I don’t know that the other person is also my own.……This is also the recent shadow king in the dark frequency layout.,The identity of both parties is gradually clear.。
Just like it is a single line,It is now gathered together。
“cough……”Great Magic King Cough,“Kid, you have been over, it is endless.,I said I said.,Just want to borrow to respect for a few days,At that time, I have no cave.,It’s natural now.。”
He is afraid that summer continue this topic in summer.,Be turned around,“come in。”
Summer http://www.haiwaijiu.cn go forward。
Just leave two steps and stop,Turned to see Chushan River,“Teacher?”
“You go.。”
Chu Shanhe said,“I have another thing.。”
Not waiting for summer,He flashed out of the hospital outward。
Summer brows,Also look at the big devil。
“do not ask me,I do not know anything。”
Great Devil,“Don’t think we are under the hand of the Ying Wang,Ah,But it is interactive.。”