Li Hui Feng feels that Feng You can seem to have a trap.。

“Haha, if you are a plate that makes a few hundred acres of power generation,My suggestion is to build a solar power station directly in place.。”
“Forehead,How much does it cost??”
Chapter 910 Reduce the cost
Feng self-seeing Li Hui’s first time is the price of attention,He is also a breather in his heart.。
If Li Hui’s first time is not worthy of money,Then he will be vigilant.,After all, look at Li Hui’s age and dressing.,How to see it is very money。
“Hey-hey,If it is home,I can give you a thousands of money.,A little bigger,But you said that you have to get one hundred acres.,I estimate how I have to get about 40 million.。”
Heard this number,Li Hui is also shocked.。
“Actually there are so many?”
“Yes,But you can make money,But I want to go back to this, I still can’t do it.。”
For the shortcomings of solar power generation, the benefits of Feng You are also unable to hide the wind and Li Hui Feng.。
Li Hui Feng is hesitating。
“Let me take a look at me first.,My first batch of solar energy is ready to install,The rest I am ready to use in our village,You give an estimated,If you use solar power generation,How much does the scale of pig farm need to get。”
“Row,Let’s take a look。”
What’s more, Li Hui is also a introduction to Zheng Mingshan.,Although Feng it wants to make money,But the same, I don’t want to put my signature.。
Come to the pig farm,He also looked at the scale of the pig farm.。
Then I started using paper and pen.。
“Lee brother,If you are simple, use light bulb these,I feel enough to use a few groups of more than ten thousand.。”
“Forehead,It’s so cheap.?”
Li Hui Hui is still scared by the four thousand people just started.。
I have heard a few more groups of more than ten thousand,Suddenly I feel too cheap.。
“Hey-hey,Not all the area is installed,Just need to install a few sets of larger groups on the pig circle,Completely covered part of the area,I feel enough。”
“Row,Then you calculate,How much does it take??”
Li Hui, listen to this,There is no one hesitate。
“I will calculate you according to a set of fifteen thousand.,Need four groups,Sixty thousand is completely enough。”
“Can you make this whole pig farm light overnight??”
Li Fa, the most worry is the solar power generation,It’s not enough to make it.。
“Hahaha, you can rest assured,Complete enough,Even your office, I can add a few sets of electric hot plates and air conditioners.,Can drive up。”
“Hey-hey,That line,The installation here will be fixed.,As for the warranty, those who follow before。”
Feng self-seeing Li Hui Feng is so happy.,Suddenly some regret。
I know that he feels more.,Can even help the other party,By the way, install a little more solar power generation these modules。