He will throw the broken arm on the ground,Suddenly become a piece of shredded block。
Summer is crazy laugh。
“You find dead!”
Can be seen,Men is very angry,This kind of humiliation that is considered makes him lose rationality。
Body shape flashing,It’s still like transient,Intimate,Raise arms,I want to shoot it.。
However, he is coming.,Fast retreat。
The arm has just raised half empty,It has been detained.。
Then stare at the summer with a suspected eye,“Do you have any bottom card??”
I just shot a moment,His heart has pour a very bad premonition。
He felt the fluctuation that made him palpitations in the summer.,It can threaten the extreme danger of his life。
Summer wiped blood loss,Blooming cold light in the scorpion,“You http://www.ccyhg.cn can continue to try。”
Feel like this,Can’t help but sigh。
He is injured,And the other’s speed is too fast,Even if he has the bottom card of jade,But it also takes time。
The man’s look is relatively complex,Occasionally there is killing flash。
But he has recovered calm,“You have a basement,I am afraid only one opportunity.,And it is not necessarily hurting me.。”
Summer solve,Sneer。
For this test,It is ignored at all。
“Be,You have a respect,Oh, Jiuyang Magic,Will definitely have a desperate trick。”
Say this sentence,The irritation of men’s face has now disappeared,“This trick,There are two results,Maybe hurt me,But you must definitely die.,Even without dead,It will also become a wasteman。”
Summer continues to be silent,Faceless,Seeing nothing。
“I won’t kill you.。”Men smile,Can’t say proud and 睥睨,http://www.1016photostudio.cn “At least will not kill you,I also give you a chance to revenge.,I hope you don’t live up to my hand of your hand.。”
After the end,Looking down and deeply looking at the broken wax image,Flashing anger and jealous。
Turn away。
Summer does not block,Haven’t followed。
Enee is in front of you,If he is calm,That is impossible,If possible,He wants to be desperately desperate。
But,He is not a kind,The fierce battle has already shown,Today, he is still not enough to defeat http://www.rosefamily.cneach other.。
He is not afraid。