Baby bows his head,Said:“No,They are too strong。”

“Yes,Not only did you fail,I was hurt,What if they break you?You can’t go to school,I missed homework。remember,homework,Always your first task。”
“I understand this,I felt that as long as someone persuaded me,They shouldn’t fight,Should be able to open,Besides, I am not much shorter than them。result,Did not open。”The baby suddenly said to his mother with big smart eyes。
The baby does grow fast,Already catching up with mom’s height,Upright face,Big black eyes,Long and dense eyelashes,Tall nose,It reveals Guan Hao’s unique heroic spirit and the childishness of children of this age,Almost the same model as Guan Hao,It’s just that his ingot mouth and delicate white skin look like a mother。
At this moment,Just listen to Grandpa telling Grandpa:“I don’t know what you think of the problem of children doing their best,As a teacher,I am not in favor of educating children to do what is right.。Because they don’t have the ability to protect themselves,It is impossible to protect others。”
Grandpa who was a soldier thought for a while and said:“This is a problem,From this perspective,I also don’t agree with children who do what is righteous,But it is somewhat contrary to our traditional education。Anyway,baby,Grandpa doesn’t want this kind of thing to happen in the future。”Guan Zhengfang said to the baby who just came out of the bathroom。
The two old men reached an agreement on this issue。
Grandpa got up to leave,The baby took grandpa’s arm and said:“grandfather,Don’t tell grandma that I was injured。”
Grandpa said cheerfully:“it is good,Do not say。Grandpa will pick you up at the old time tomorrow。”
Guan Hao sent his father downstairs,Open the car door for dad,Guan Zhengfang just got in the car,Turn around and say to my son:“Xiaohao,If you have time,Take Xiaoxia to check again。”
Guan Hao nodded,Said:“I’ll take her to the hospital after sending the baby tomorrow。”
After watching my father’s car go far,Guan Hao feels a little heavy,After Xia Jihan came back from America,Check again every six months,Then it was reviewed once a year,No abnormality found,During the recent review,Nothing unusual,But she suddenly dizzy,Is a bad sign。
After returning to the house,She and the baby are missing in the living room。Guan Hao smiled and asked his mother-in-law:“Where are their mothers。”Xia’s mother puffed upstairs,Dad Xia laughed,Whispered:“Solo coach went。”
Guan Hao came upstairs quietly,I heard Xia Jihan changing clothes for the baby:“son,Can you understand what mom said to you today?”
“understand。”The baby answered clearly
“son,Your fight is just a small matter,Suffered minor injuries,I’ll be fine in a few days,This mother is not too worried。Mother is worried about you in the future。What I want to tell you today is……”Xia Jihan lowered her voice,But very serious:“You remember,In the future, you will encounter any dangerous things such as someone falling into the water、on fire、Even the gangster,You have to stay away,Because you are too young,Does not have the ability to save people and protect oneself,Wait for you to grow up,Body is strong,Have the ability,Mom doesn’t object to you doing these things,Maybe my mother praised you。But not now,Use your brain after encountering this kind of incident,Don’t use body,Ask an adult for help or call the police,Never move forward alone!son,Can you understand mom’s meaning?”
Baby said:“understanding,Mom is afraid of my danger。”
“Yes,Mom is really afraid of your danger。baby,You are mother’s life。”Xia Jihan held the baby in her arms all of a sudden。