hang up the phone,Liu Chengze muttered:“Didn’t it mean that all relatives are gone?,How come out a nephew……”

Luo Bin says:“Really old Xu,This old guy eats alone without us。”
Another fishing friend said:“Variety Luo Fei which is so good to fish,There are fewer people fishing in these days,Never heard of anyone catching,That’s why Lao Luo fished a mutant thornfish last week。”
Liu Chengze said:“This is hard to say,Old Xu is timid,But luck is so good,You didn’t come last week,Both Lao Luo and Zhang and I saw Lao Xu’s legs weakened by a few wolves,At that time we all thought Old Xu was going to be bad,Unexpectedly, a group of wolves have come to the front,All back into the fog。We talk about technology in fishing、Talk about small materials、Talk about fishing point selection, etc.,But luck, this thing is really bad。”
Luo Bin says:“This is the truth,How can I compare to old Liu on technology,Old Xu is better than me,Lao Liu Yu got the most abundant last week,But I got a mutant fish,Earn the most。Where’s Lao Xu,Not dead,Maybe this week I can get him a mutant fish,But it’s impossible for Luo Fei,Other mutant fish are possible。”
“I’m so moved by what I said,Shall we follow up and have a look?”Another fishing friend Lao Zhang said。
Liu Chengze said:“with?What to do with?They are professional fishing boats,Diesel engines,We are the little broken ship,Manpower engine。Forget it,Go back and have a good sleep,Wait until Old Xu comes back to see the situation,To really catch mutant fish,We’ll rent a better boat at that time,Let old Xu take us to fish。”
A few fishing friends paddling while chatting,Look back,The fishing boat can no longer see clearly。
Come at seven,The morning mist on the lake has not yet faded,If you are farther away, you don’t know what’s ahead。
The old stubborn head follows Gan Yifan’s guidance to the center of the lake,More than twenty minutes passed,Can no longer see other ships,He raised the speed to the highest,Full speed ahead。
suddenly,There is an anti-fog beam coming directly in front,Old stubborn surprised,Speed down and turn the rudder,It’s worthy of passing by the ship ahead。
This is a large yacht。
Gan Yifan saw a few yachts in Dongming Lake,The largest one belongs to Chenxi Pharmaceutical,And the yacht in front of us is even bigger than the one from Chenxi Pharmaceutical。
No one on the side of the ship,I can’t see the curtains in the cabin,The two boats staggered past,No one showed up。
“Where’s the ship?”
The old stubborn doesn’t know,“It’s probably from the deep water port,Leave them alone,During this time, we often see yachts at night。”