Think about the present“Lightning boy”,How miserable they were beaten by Jian Peng?
You want me and“Lightning boy”Is it all miserable??
Of course it won’t happen,I respect Uncle Shui very much,Respect teacher lu,They all know。
But you continue to stir up disputes like this,No matter how good the relationship is, I can’t help it.!
Guan Yili was terrified,I quickly called Shen Huan and Shui Qingshan to explain。
Then he sent out a meager one。
“Please don’t be misled by those malicious provocative remarks。The teachers of the band are my seniors,I still have a lot to learn from them。
Besides, who did Mr. Lu write songs for?,What song to write,Please compare them all!to me,I like every song!
I respect Teacher Lu Xiaofeng,He is on the road of music,Just like my second parent,Without him there would be no me!Please don’t scold again!”
He made such an urgent statement,I finally calmed my group of fans。
At the same time, the fans who originally held the injustice for Lu Xiaofeng,Seeing his sincere attitude,I finally didn’t scold him。
Only those people with ulterior motives are making noise,Nature is not a climate。