At first he thought of using different words to praise,Lest there is no sincerity。

But his poor vocabulary,Under Ye Wenwen’s constant experimentation,Run out soon。
——Not everyone has compliments《I’m a singer》The judges are so rich in reserves。
Finally gave up the effort,Only mechanical reply:
“Uh uh,good looking。”
“Uh uh,Not bad。”
“Uh uh,can。”
Whisper in my heart:“Didn’t she come to pick a birthday present for her mother??But how do I think she is choosing jewelry for herself?”
Ye Wenwen tried on more than 100 pieces of various jewelry,But none of them bought,The ladies at the counter can’t help but frown。
Not just not buying,And asked Fang Hao to take a photo of her with the phone,Sometimes I even take a selfie of two people。
That makes people frown even more。
So that the young ladies at the counter wondered if this woman was a micro-business,What do you do as an agent? What kind of jewelry topic I like to mention in a few days。
But when those young ladies saw Fang Hao’s handsome face,The fire is gone,Not only lifeless,But keep smiling。
——Acting like a shrew in front of such a handsome little brother,That is going to be condemned!
——But that little bitch is so irritating!Just don’t buy it,I keep pestering my little brother to ask this and that,I’m really annoying!