This is also one of his cards。

Now in his seventh to the imaginary order of strength,Pushed mysterious energy is handy。
This time,Under the summer capital,Full facilities for。
While pressing his hand in the wound,But it is able to sense,LU Xiao Su pierced internal organs are slowly repairing the。
not only that。
Even outside of the abdominal wound,Also visible in the speed gradually heal together。
In its here,Luo Tianfeng will also be sent to the Los daughter into another room,And quickly came here。
When he saw the bloody fruit knife Nabing,His face changed, changed tempting。
Then furious,“Summer,How can you……”Not finished,Halted。
I saw Xia Tiansong mouth hand,The LU Xiao Su pulled the body of needles,At the same time,“All right,He has mischief,But the best training weeks。”
“this……”Luo Tianfeng is looked blankly at LU Xiao Su abdominal wound,A look of dismay。
Just her。
As a personal experience,LU Xiao Su is startled to be added。
She slowly sat up,Looking at the abdomen that become a red mark of a shallow stab wounds,And efforts to breathe a few breaths。
Then look Luo Tianfeng。
Look to the summer。
At the moment she can not feel the least bit of pain。
In addition to the body,Everything that is experienced before,All illusion。
Their eyes are well-known,Even a certain understanding of the underground world。
Opinion,But the category of cognition。
Look at the two people,Summer laughing,There is no meaning,But patient explanation,“Lady,Since you know the underground world,I want to know the possible person.。”
Two people。
“You said……”“Right。”
Summer nice head,“Just now is my abilities,As long as there is a breath,I can save people back.。”
Toned,Sink,Also,“If I guess a good thing,A thousand gold has also been controlled by a mental abilities.……”Both people are stunned。
Still caught in a sluggish。
They know the ancient martial arts,Know the possible person,But still some difficult to accept。
If you say this life and death,Bringing the abilities of the bone,Then control a person’s ability,But let the two feel fear。
Summer low down,“In fact, the mental abilities are not so terrible.,People under the clear state,Or the will force,Even under the prevention,Mental abilities cannot be easily controlled……”He shook his head,Sincere looking toward Lu Xiaosu and Luo Tianfeng,“So,I hope that the two don’t blame the money.……”“How can I blame her?……”Lu Xiaosu’s face is a bit white,Smile,“I am afraid of her own……”Luo Tianfeng also nodded,But he thought of more,“Small summer,Does a thousand gold do you have sin??”
Summer smile,“Just now I saw a person outside the kitchen,I want to be rushing on me.,terribly sorry,I am afraid that I have tired of you.。
I heard this sentence,Both people discolored,Relatively complex。
Lu Xiaosu,“My daughter follows you.,Can really be happy??”
Summer speechless。
“Not discussing these now,”Luo Tianfeng open topic,“Small summer,Go and see the thousand gold.,She will not have something?”
Summer nice head,The fist is tautone three times,Trend to suppress anger in the heart。
Several people come to another room,Luo Qianjin is still coma,Quiet lying in bed。