But let him doubtful,I didn’t notice how the other party didn’t notice it.。

He is angry again,Unfolbened。
Unworthy,Qianjiang was taken by the other side of the legs.,The whole person is like a spectacular ball.,Fast scary。
Fladder,Heavy smashing on the lawn ground。
All this happens in an instant,There is no slit in the middle,Many people have not reacted。
But there is a person’s exception。
It is the service girl that assassination.。
She looked at the summer,Extremely complex in a pair,“You……”
“Forgot to tell you,I can also identify a person’s identity through the breath.,Even if she wears a realistic easy mask。”
Summer is also looking at each other,What I think of,“I won’t give you the 90,000-ril coin.,Just as you http://www.skinami.cn hire my remuneration。”
This service girl is not someone else,It is a San Yuetian after it is easy to stay.。
She is awkward,It is complex to the extreme,I don’t know what to say.,I can’t describe my emotions at the moment.。
And at this time,Summer has just stepped into the ghost face。
See this scene,People on the four-week watch suddenly suddenly,Reaction until now。
Antisanct,Summer watching,Laughing on the face of the pit,“I don’t know how to live!”
He doesn’t move,Don’t put in the eyes at all。
Without him,Here is the Sanjiao Qinghai Division,He is here guest,No need to do it at all。
“Dare to make trouble in my three,I see you is a life.。”
Three-way body shape is out of the crowd,Very fast。
They are all masters of the three-education law enforcement,It is also the three of Qianjiang.。
“Dare to hurt the captain,Today you have to pay the price。”
Cold drink,They have been rushing to the past。
What happened to people。
There is no moves and skills in the summer.,Hand dance football。
But the three people rushed each other,Like breaking strips, it is generally collapsed.,Focus on the ground,Vomiting blood,I can’t climb half a day.。
Here,Surrounded by the sword。
Ordinary people may not see,But those ancient martial arts are incomparable.,Summer is like the action of the http://www.3dzixun.cn bracket on the street,No chapter。
This is too evil gate.。