The four people actually want to touch the leaves and soft snow.,Hijacking,It turned out to destroy the Cemetery of the Ming people.。

“Rush!God of the gods!A group of dogs!Laozi and you have not finished,Do not die!”
Summer eyes emerge in cold,Killing a few new chemicals!Summer clouds patted his shoulders,Silky comfort,“Don’t be frank,It’s good to make a big mistake.,What you need now is quiet,Otherwise it will be jealous by them。”
Summocks nodded,Gaze,Immediately,“Do they want to disturb the ancient military borders??
Come and not,I will go to Europe tomorrow.!”
“what are you going to do!summer,Don’t mess。”
Summer cloud face。
The Ji Bao Bottrai and Crimes I also expected。
“[ biquwubiz]The gods of the gods want to kill me,Want to disturb the ancient military border,I want to force the Changsheng door.。”
The haze in the eyes of summer is like a dark cloud.,“Then I will transfer the battlefield to Europe.,Forced the god alliance!”
“How are you going to do??”
Ji Bao bottle asked softly。
Summer cold channel,“There are many big family consortiums in Europe and America.,All members of the gods alliance,I will take them a knife one by one.,Rather,Who is afraid of who?!”
Summer cloud is first,Continue with the face,“summer,If you do this, it will be very dangerous.,and……I don’t want you to give up the bottom line.,It is best not to kill innocent。”
Summer sway,“Do not worry,I have an inch。”
Toned,Also,“As long as I leave Huaxia to Europe,Slave inevitably followed by leaving,Because Huaxia has Ji Auntie,And that black woman,And after this,He must not dare to make it again.。”
That black woman before talking,A few people suddenly silently。
Sin is waiting here,But the black woman did not return。
“Who is she?。”
Summer clouds are quite dignified,“When is China, when I joked such a super master??”
“Don’t take care of her first,Current,She has not hostile us,Instead of shocking。”
about this point,Summer is very clear,Continue to transfer topics,Look at the crime,Be in the face。
“senior,This time, you will lose you.,if not,The consequences could be disastrous。”
“Xiao Shao does not have to be so,This is what I should do.,Unshirkable。”
The face of criminal nine is slightly pale,Subsequently shake the head,“Unfortunately, the sword did not kill the light。”
“Already very good。”
Ji Bao bottle’s eyes flash,“A sword kills two masters at least pseudo-heate,And it’s a one arm,Still hitting a light,With your home to the fifth step,Can do this,It is enough to be proud。”
Summer clouds are also surprised。
He naturally understands crimes,But I didn’t expect the other side of the sword to causing such horrible destructive power.。
Be right,Crime of nine true realm,Just to the fifth step of the Sanctuary。
Certainty,The Sheng Sheng and the Victory are true for the same realm。