Summer nodded,Wrist shake,Snake knife appears in control。

“You have two defeatings with Gano,I don’t believe that you can recover in just one month.,You are destined to fall。”
Well stares in summer,Bombard,Gas machine,The momentum suddenly burst。
One is very powerful and powerful,This is the power from the gas machine。
Summer is not hesitant to the same gas,I collided with it.。
“boom”The dust on the ground is stirring,Rolling the dead leaves like a storm。
Wind roller,Falling garrison,Thoroughly enamel the shape of the two。
Atmosphere is getting more and more dignified。
Well, right hand grabbed the handle,Similar to the upcoming。
The murderous murderous。
Summer looks between the extreme,Handheld snake knife,Like a rock, it is generally unhappy.。
Shaded dust and dead leaves,They have seen each other。
But the spirit of the two is highly concentrated.。
They all understand。
This is an alternative.。
More dangerous。
If you don’t show up,Shoot, stone breaks the sky。
At this time,Well 沢 机。
The dead leaves in her weeks are floating and floating.。
Just at this time。
She shot。
Pull down!“Tinkling!”
With the sound of 铿铿,A touch of cold light into this night color。
Cold light disappeared moment,As if there is a thunder。
Just like lightning,After the thunder is general。
“嗡嗡……”The knife is broken and there is no sound.,Only a road is like a flasher。
Killing,Simulation of a knife,Clever。
The dead leaves and dust in the summer are broken.。
His pupil has been shrunk,He is a jealous。
I have already sacrificed my spiritual power.,Trend to capture the cold light。