Two carriages are not good to get too far,What happens in case?! “nothing,I will not have this spirit tomorrow.!”
Ye Xianning eared,Listening to another carriage, laughter,Silence closing your eyes
Just didn’t think,Next three days,Both people are full of enthusiasm。
Even the grandfather of the car,Also follow“Ha ha ha ha”Laugh
Ye Xiuwen wanted to go together,But there is also stopped
290chapter laxative
But last day,Niu Niu did actively find the door
“Top Today, I will take a carriage with you.!”
“it is good!”
Ye Xunning pulls the curtain with hand,Looking at the Niu Niu stunned,Then I promised。
“Do you have any idea?”
“This is what he gives you.!”
“How can I give me now??”
“I also received it.!”
“You didn’t peek?”
Niu Niu took the letter,Start demolition。Don’t forget to see Ye Xunning during the period,But I don’t care my heart.。
I will give him a letter in a day.,I don’t have anything that I can’t see it.。
Ye Xunning’s speed is very fast,Tense,Relieved。
“Oh!One South said that he wants to go to Songshanling.,Do you know where??”
“Songshanling?What do you do??”
Ye Xiuen frowned。
Songshanling is in the border between the two countries,Dijun。But easy to fight,It is also a rare land of peaceful。
“have no idea!Go there waiting for it,He said that they all arrange it.!I will know when I arrive.!”
“Do you know some other??”
“I do not know!what happened?”
Niu Ya’s face,Ye Xunning is slightly frowning。
“You think so, I am going to take the nose.?”
“Yup,Otherwise what can I do??I can’t take him.!”
Niu Niu two hands a booth,Be full of helplessness,
“If you can,I will have a road to you here.?”
“No matter how,I will go back first.!”
“When you take a break, change it back.!”
Niu Niu left home for a few days,I also want to go back soon.,Can you hurry more?!
So just sit down.。
“Don’t you like to eat pastries??”