Eating fruits between meals is good for absorption

Eating fruits between meals is good for absorption

In the food classification, fruits and vegetables are classified into a large category, which is side by side with staple foods, meats, milks, oils, etc., and is also a food that is inedible for human nutritional needs.

Although we often mix fruits and vegetables, the functions of the two are also different. The sugars, vitamins, minerals, and fiber content are different. Therefore, the two cannot be replaced.

  The nutritional components of fruits are mainly sugars, generally about 5% -20%, apples are about 10%, pears are 8%, longan is 16%, grapes are 9%, etc., can be glucose, fructose and polysaccharides; vitamins, mainly vitaminsC and carotene, etc .; and some minerals, such as iron and calcium.

It also contains some non-nutritive ingredients, such as supplementary fiber, plant fruit acids (malic acid, citric acid, phytic acid, oxalic acid and implanted acid, etc.). Some acids can affect the flavor of fruits, and some acids can affect other food nutrients.Digestion and absorption.

  Because of the characteristics of fruit ingredients, there are certain requirements in determining how to eat fruits.

The most common is to eat fruit after a meal, but the best way to eat it is between meals.

Eating fruit after a meal is mainly convenient. After eating a meal, eat fruit together and complete one meal at a time, so that you do not need to consider the impact on nutrient absorption.

If you consider the digestion and absorption of nutrients, it is more reasonable to eat between meals.

Fruits contain excess supplementary fiber (which is also one of the purposes of fruit eating) and plant fruit acids. They can interfere with the digestion and absorption of proteins and minerals in other foods such as meat and milk, and significantly reduce calcium and iron.Bioavailability of zinc, etc. This is also an important reason why we know that fruits contain minerals but have never been used as supplements.

So it is very unwise to drink fruit after drinking milk.

  Eating fruits between meals also avoids the change in blood sugar caused by the accumulation of sugar in the accumulation of meals due to the high sugar content of the fruits, which is a kind of elderly people who are at risk of high blood sugar.