[Can children drink soy milk with a cold and fever]_ Soy milk _ Children’s cold _ Can you eat

[Can children drink soy milk with a cold and fever]_ Soy milk _ Children’s cold _ Can you eat

Children’s physical immunity is not strong, so it is easy to have minor illnesses. Colds and fevers are common clinical symptoms.

There are also many dietary taboos after a cold and fever. Is it possible for children to drink soy milk after a cold and fever?

In this case, you can drink soy milk appropriately.


You can drink soy milk because infectious diseases require a light diet, eat a liquid or semi-liquid diet that is easy to digest.

Do not eat eggs, milk, amaranth soup and hair products.

Feed more boiled water or vegetable juices, which is conducive to sweating and urination, to promote the discharge of toxins, which is conducive to the recovery of disease.


A cold is also called an upper respiratory infection.

In general, it is caused by pathogens such as bacteria or viruses invading the human body, causing congested hematomas and even suppuration of the upper respiratory tract mucosa such as the nasal cavity, throat, and the like.

Respiratory system infectious diseases are characterized by nasal congestion, runny nose, cough, sore throat, or fever with chills, sore muscles, and weakness in the limbs.

Cold patients can eat soy milk in moderation.

But you can’t eat frozen soy milk.


In fact, a person’s cold often doesn’t depend on taking medicines. Even if you don’t take medicines, it will be fine after two weeks.

Taking medicine has not effectively shortened the cold time, it still takes more than a week to get better.

Cold medicine does not cure the cold, or relieves the complications of the cold, some kind of runny nose, stuffy nose, etc.

When you have a cold, drink plenty of warm water and add a good amount of high-quality protein and vitamins.

It is good to have a cold once or twice a year. A cold is not an absolute bad thing. When a cold is when the body’s immunity is working, the right amount of high-quality vitamins and protein are needed.