“Then you tell me,Are you confident this time??”Ding Yiwen。

“No,Not at all,Panicked all day,Not at all,Can’t eat,I can’t sleep well,No one comforts……”Jiang Fan said dejectedly。
First43chapter See you in public
“Ha ha,Why didn’t I see it?”Ding Yi smiled。
“Then I will lie to others。”Jiang Fan gave her a disappointed look。
“Ha ha,The section chief loves to say this。”Ding Yi smiled。
Jiang Fan stretched out his finger again,Wipe away the tears still hanging on her cheeks for her,Said:“after,You have no time to cry,I promise。”
Ding Yi looked at him,Nodded for a long time。Said:“do you know,After I was discharged,Back from Kangzhou,At that time, the section chief said to send me,I went quietly by myself,On the bus,Playing a song by Xu Ruyun,Until now I dare not listen to this song,Think as long as you hear……Just want to cry……that time,Actually it’s when I am the darkest,Even the night on the grassland where I met a wolf,It’s not as dark as that time,Wolf,Just make me despair,But at that time……”She can’t go on。
Jiang Fan has never heard the song she said,Instinctively he knew this must be a very sad song。
Ding Yi shed tears when talking to him,But he thinks this is a good thing,She can shed tears to herself,It means that her heart will be completely open to herself。
Ding Yi choked and said again:“that time,So lonely so lonely,I don’t know where you are,Despite the grievances,But still hold a glimmer of hope,As long as there is love,As long as I meet again,I don’t care about complaining……no way,Really love too much……”She can’t talk anymore。
Jiang Fan hugged her tightly in his arms,Pat her gently,I was filled with emotion。He doesn’t know what language to use to comfort her,Can only keep talking:“It is my fault,It is my fault,Made you suffer so much,I will not do it again,Not anymore……”
He wiped away the tears for her again,Kissed her……