“No why,I haven’t eaten with the mayor after the Chinese New Year。”Ding Yi said embarrassedly。

“Is it you?”
“Ok,If the mayor agrees,I will greet others。”
Jiang Fan said:“How about another day?I’m too busy tonight,You know I have many things to deal with now,No time to eat,I don’t have time to eat your meal。”I’m going to call,He saw Ding Yi stop and didn’t move,Just said:“How about another day?Not tonight,or,You will invite me when I leave Kangzhou tomorrow?”
Ding Yi felt a little sad,She said:“The mayor will not leave Kangzhou。”
Jiang Fan felt very comfortable after hearing this,Just say:“why?”
Ding Yi said:“Mayor is the best!”Talking,And raised his thumbs up。
Jiang Fan was excited,Knowing that she asked herself to eat is a fake,Comforting yourself is true,Just walked to her,Held her thumb and hand,Said excitedly:“Fawn,thank you。”
First40chapter Finally got the kiss of the deer
Ding Yi shook the mayor hard,Get to the mayor,One hand over the mayor’s neck,Tiptoe,Gave him a kiss on the face,immediately,My face flushed with shame,She looked at him,Smile,Then turned around and ran away。
Everything happened in an instant,Jiang Fan is dumbfounded,He stood there blankly,There was a momentary blank in the brain。To know,He pursued for so long,This is Ding Yi’s first active performance。
Touching the place where she was kissed by her warm little mouth just now,Put his hand to his mouth again,Kissed,Recalling the happy moment just now,A warm feeling in my heart suddenly rippled,He never thought,At this severe time,Actually got a kiss from Ding Yi。
His mood is much better,I immediately dismissed the idea of calling,The more calm you are at this moment。He heard Lin Yan say,Peng Changyi told him,Minister, they knew the election was going to happen,Why didn’t tell him,I was worried that after he knew it too early,Can’t keep a calm heart in front of the people’s representatives,Thought of here,He walked out the door,Also called deliberately“Kobayashi。”
Ding Yi came out,Said:“He is not there。”