Can’t fight.

Xiao Wu has already started,I heard the yelling to take back the long legs that had been kicked out。
“What else do you want?Get out of it if you don’t plant it!”
“I don’t fight with girls!”
Dai Mubai simply refused,If you lose to the little girl,What else?
Find an excuse.
“Yeah~Bastard,You dare to look down on me!”
Xiao Wu’s violent rage,He opened the Eight Door Dunjia directly。
Powerful soul fire burning,Everything around blows away。
Dai Mubai backed back again and again,I’m glad I refused。
“Xiao Wu is back,How many times have i told you,Don’t open Eight Doors Dunjia!”
Tang Chen can’t stand it anymore,When this girl gets angry, she opens eight doors。
Nima,I don’t know it’s dangerous?
In case you accidentally opened the eighth door,After so many years, it’s so useless.
“Woo.Chen Ge,he bullies me.”