“court death!”

Di Xiaoling snorted coldly,He smashed the folding chair towards Yang Quan’s head。
Yang Quan’s head is groggy right now,He saw Di Xiaoling,I saw Di Xiaoling’s folding chair,I even saw the folding chair smashed at me,But he just didn’t respond。
Yang Quan just raised his hand subconsciously,Blocked。
Di Xiaoling has no habit of keeping her hands,“boom”The sound of,The folding chair made of steel hit Yang Quan’s forearm,The pain made him shiver。
The pain made him wake up,Seeing Di Xiaoling’s posture,Unconsciously roared:“What are you doing?”
Di Xiaoling doesn’t talk to him at all,The second hit came directly。
This time Yang Quan is prepared to beware,The other one who was not in pain grabbed the folding chair,“Crazy woman……what!!”
Coldly,The folding chairs of Long Yuqing and Xu Qiao smashed from another direction。
Screaming Yang Quan wanted to block the folding chair with both hands,But it’s too late,It’s too late to run,I smashed my hands and shoulders,Cry out in pain。
To another school.Hua also rushed to the front,Continue to smash the folding chair。
Yang Quan was smashed to the ground within a few seconds,Curled up into a ball,The cry of pain resounded across the sky。
He was really beaten,I can’t even resist,I can only protect my head and vitals,Dare not move at all。
school.The flowers don’t even know about the company.,This man is so mean,Also hurt Shen Huan,You should fight hard。