I saw that the white self is puzzled.,then……Quirky looks at Chu Deirers。
“Oh,Natural is not me,Is me a brother,He and A Xiu girl two feelings,This time, for the southern beauty,I arrived at the snowy mountain。”
Chu Deiren naturally did not mention,Dog hybrid is http://www.skinami.cnthe black pot of his brother……
White from the words,Then put the trees:“After the matter,The old man wants to go out。”
For a granddaughter,Just“Two feelings”,Obviously persuaded that it is coming。
Chu Dee,Two hair is pulled,After that, the stone gap is reached out.,Advance from the outside to the lock hole……
White self-see——Before his life is unclear,Not too much,But now rational return,But it can be seen,Chu Deiren this hand has more magical。
“it is good!Sure enough hero,Based on this hand,If you have to be my granddaughter,I must agree!”White is very appreciated。
Obviously, it has not heard it at all.、Or have forgotten Changsha things,Otherwise, will it be so“agree”。
Chu Deiren is naturally refused:“Mr. Wide is known.,My four brothers are also a table talent.,Human heart,And the words of martial arts,It http://www.lixinhuwai.cn is also one of the people who don’t have a steady victory.。”
“Oh?”White is light smile,The expression seems to be saying:Really?I do not believe。
Since it is“Four brothers”,I want to come to the older man.,Wusheng can be so high?
Never say next to,Can win A Xiu Ten、That is, my son Baifuanjian,White is not against this pro。
At this time, Chu Deirers have also opened the lock.,Invite it to stand up with him,After that, it will be transferred.,Let Shimen turn out。
White self-see,But still some curious asked:“Your four brothers……He Men?”
“Unforgettable,Martial arts is mainly adventures。”Chu Deirers have honestly。
“kindness,good。”White is as if it is saying“Oh,Is a poor boy”Tone。
“But his parents are famous.,Yes……Squirky stone couple。”
Sure enough, Chu Deirers finished,White is already on the eye:“what?he、he is……”
“Not the waste of Shizhong Yu,It is the second son who is missing the owner of Shi Qingzhuang.,In the early years, I was raised by Mei Fang.,Later, I got my smoke guidance for a while.。”
Chu Deirers said that the dog hybrid is the same as the two true biography.……
“Humph!”White self-confident,Obviously it is a mustard。
Chu Dee people no longer say,So as not to be white-inspired, getting worse。
The two come out from the dungeon,I found that there was no snowy mountain disciple around.,Chu Deiren looks to the southeast direction:“People seem to be there。”
“there?Is picking a star station!go,Laoffish also look,What do you want to do!”White comes in anger。
Just stop him crazy,White is still not looking for them,Temporarily put your son,It can also be said that it is an authority.,However, if you really want to hurt his wife and baby grandson,White is coming to let them know,Who is a master!
Picking the Stars is actually a peak of a mountain next to a mountain.,Is in the direction of the mountain,Between the main city of Lingxiao City,Iron cable connection。
White self-sufficiency,This is the wind,I have a few more and I will come to picking a stone side.,When he turned back,Chu Dee people are already on this,And he didn’t even heard the blank voice of Chu Deirers.。
Just here,There is also a peak cloud cover with the pick-up station itself.,Just listen to a fight against the fight……
The two sneused,I saw the four elders of the Snow Mountain School with a Dog Hybrid.,It seems to have intentionally,At the same time, the appreciation of this should not come.http://www.wsenjie.cn
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 885 Compare
Chu Deirers are also very curious,Why is it to give a good penalty?。
According to the reason, the Snow Mountain Part is not in the list of licensing island.,I have never been to the Western Snow Mountain.……
Although it is threatened to be the sword,Said to be a snow mountain“Robbery”Guests who want to go to Heroes Island,The same place is going to send it up.,But now Stone Zhongyu is also、Dog hybrid,Have not died,Appreciation of good penalty and evil, actually come first step?