“Logistics work is good,But physical education is also a fat,And the physical teacher at least a teacher.,Do you have a title in the logistics??

Many problems haven’t need me to say it.?”
Songyu is finished,Zou Kai’s face is also a bit hard to look。
Why didn’t he expect the school leaders to play this?,But think about it carefully.,These are really possible to be arranged by school leaders.。
Others can’t think of such an idea。
Think here,He suddenly somewhat decadent。
“Teacher Li has a relationship. My college students who have just graduated have been used to these.,I thank the Pine teacher told me these。”
Songyu Yujing see some decadent Zou Kai can’t help but。
Originally he thought that the other party would be big,Go directly to the principal,I didn’t expect the other party that has been grounded into soft foot shrimps by the society.,Has been a prominent master,These are not what he wants.,And this is not the purpose of him here.。
“Zou Teacher,Don’t you want to be a sports teacher??
Your teacher school is white?”
“People have a relationship,What way I have?!”
When I said this, Zou Kai’s face is depressed.。
I feel that Song Yu Run continues to talk to him, these is saving salt in his wound.。
“Hey-hey,Zou Teacher,I am looking for you, not tell you these.,But there is a way to make you a physical teacher,Then put the Li Hui to kick out。”
Zou Kai, who was already very negative, heard of this,The eyes are also bright.。
“Do you have a good idea??
You have a person”first timing,Zou Kai thinks the top of the person。
After all, there is no bullied classroom in the school.。
“Natural people are natural,But my idea is better.,It is eligible for you to take the qualifications of your sports teacher.,If i remember correctly,You are good at running,And the sprint is very good http://www.fstongye.cn with the robes.,At the beginning or the national team,Examination University also add points?”
Although this is not a secret,But can be raised by loose rain,Zou Kai felt that the other party still did a job。
“Yes,But what is the relationship between these eligibility??”
“There are relationships,Relationship is very large。”
“If you are a waste wood,So today, I will not come to you.,But you are not,You are a genius,So I don’t want to see that the genius is buried.。”
This is a touch of Zou Kai in the heart of the loose rain.。
He didn’t expect to think that there is still someone else to pay attention to him.,I didn’t think that some people remember to live with his previous glorious history.。
The most critical is to compare him into genius.,Genius these two words have not heard many years.。
“Pine http://www.bssea.cn teacher,You teach me.!What is your busy?,Despite finding me,I am going to the soup and help you.。”
Looking at the excitement of Zou Kai,Songyu ran。
Because he knows the opportunity.。
“Method is very simple,Challenge him,Use your best to defeat him,Then the whole school teachers and students give you testimony,How about it?”
“it is good!”