I do not know how。
Looking at him an angry look,Saint female surface yarn,抿 抿 薄 薄 薄 薄,It also reveals a smile in the eyes.。
“Nice to meet you,Your Mightiness。”
Say,The sacred girl slowly lifted like a lotus show arm。
Summer cough again,And Victoria reveals the expressive expression。
“Me too,Nice to meet you,Holy woman。”
Must not,Summer has had to hold each other’s small hands,Slightly,Come on a kiss。
Not only around people stayed。
It is the twelve Dark Knight after the saint.,Follow the fullness,Kill with a silk。
Twelve Dark Knights are spread on the horrible momentum,Lead Knight is a handle,Preparation。
Sheng female cold voice,Sound is not high,It is not augmentive。
Leader’s movement is abundant,Pull half of the sword re-put it back,Convergence momentum,Slightly,Face is ugly。
“Your Mightiness,Can you tell me?,What happened??”
Southern girl is reluctant to recover,Trend, let yourself look calm and majestic。
Summer is not concealing,The previous thing will tell a change.。
After he said,The southern scorpion flashed a mixture,Soon converge。
Spin,She slowed down,All-person。
Cold sound spread throughout the entire layer of deck。
“from now on,No one can no hand,otherwise,It is the provocation of the Parliament,No matter what person,If you want to violate this,I swear in Monica,Fastle to accept the most cruel trial of the parliament。”
Everyone is indifferent。
Many super masters are not afraid of Monica,But it is extremely impressive dark parliament behind her.。
And everyone can hear,She is obvious in the summer。
One time,Everyone looks different from the eyes of the summer.,I have guess the relationship between him and the saints.。
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