That is more impossible.,Rhythm running with the enemy,There is only one next place,It is died by their rhythm of their suddenly and slow.。

IGOf course, there are also decisions,But this time,WECome on the beauty of the hammer。
WEThe auxiliary personal ability is not top-level,But as a professional assistant,Basic eye eye and give lanterns,This should always be.?
PlusWEfacegankThe reaction is so fast enough,soIGPreviouslygankdecision making,Everything is not taking any good results。
then,I have been on the field10Minute50second,The head of the field is8:4,WEYes8。
Among the perspective of God,Zhao Yi’s Karma,After returning to the city and the equipment。
There is no choice to go online,But directly from spring water,Start down to go down。
andWEWild Olaf,At this time, I am in my own blue.BUFFwild area。See his trend,Obviously it is ready to wait for someone to come over.。
And at this time,IGWild sword,It is just just after brushingF6,At this timeBUFFRegional rush,He wants to give its own single blue。
This can’t be blamengIt is not enough sensation,After all, I have just ended a wave of Xiaolong Group.。
Who can think of,Carma does not want,Go directly to the road?
With Karlma and Olaf’s steps gradually,IGAlso slowly discovered。
but,IGBut it is not a good counter method。OrdinaryTPAlready here3Be over。
The single belt is igniting,And at this time she has arrived at their own blueBUFFarea。
This wave,BeIGDouble group,AloneWEFour packs。
Crazy on the mappgSignal sound,The reminder of the teammates of the teammate is also constantly sounding。
But when these things come,Olaf and Karma have reached the position of the road.。
even ifIGThe reaction of the two-person group is already fast enough.,But they still lost opportunities to retreat to safety positions。
Almost a moment of triangles in Karma and Olav,Skateboard shoes and Buron just walked into their own tower。
Carma and Olaf directly decisively come to the grass behind the stone people,Directly want to blockIGDouble group retreat line。
The palace is watching all this,The expression is not shaken。
He must calm down and think,What should I do?,In order to see a line of life from this presence。
next moment,The eyes of the palace clear,The keyboard also sounds crisp knocking sound。
In the picture,The two people have been around.,The you have finishedIGLower offline line。
This wave4Bag2,It’s almost ten nine stable things。
I just flash this idea.,The hammer will see the skate shoes that should be returned to the tower.,Suddenly walked towards your direction。
then,A contend spear was thrown out,Then I pierced my body into my body.。
Hammer stone is a bit annoyed,It’s almost a consciousness.Q,But he toughly stopped his own idea.。
Dying struggle。
Think,Hammer with a miserable green lantern,Step in the direction of the skateboard shoes。
Compared to outQ,He feels that he is close to it.E,Obviously it is the best choice。
but……Skateboard shoes,Some are too flexible,Let the hammer somewhat not dare to determine,YourselfECan you。
Some of the idea of giving birth to oneself,Hammer is simply flashing。
Golden mood in the air,The body of the hammer has also reached the front of the skate shoes.。
then,As he has the movement in his hand,A rectangular skill range is displayed in the body of the hammer。
Ignite is also at the same time。
this moment,Hammer has seen a lot。
HomeADCTeammates fly fastQSkills shot into the body;There is also your own CN National Friend to start looking back.,Rurved to this side。
as well as……That handheld a spear,Golden light on the body!