Wang Xiaohong agreed。

“Did the other action teams come back??”
Swallow looked around,Casually asked。
“It’s impossible for other action teams to come back before you,The gap in the overall level is obvious here,So your question is superfluous。”
Qin Liang’s angry answer,Isn’t this intentionally embarrassing everyone?,Yanzi, this is an overestimation of other action teams,She still looked down at her own action team!
“Why is it unnecessary to ask me?,I care about other groups,Can’t you care about my subordinates??Is it hard to understand??Really is。”
Yanzi immediately returned unconvinced。
“okay,You are not asking too much,I’m superfluous,OK??Ha ha,Small,If you don’t like a word, you will blow up!This little temper is getting bigger and bigger,Did you learn from your junior sister??”
Qin Liang asked with a bitter smile。
“Learn from whomever you want,According to mood,Humph。”
Swallow answered eagerly。
“Sister Xiaoyan,You have time to take care of you baby girl,Look at her talking to me,Obviously, I don’t think of me as a master at all,It’s pretty good?”
Qin Liang quarreled but started looking for parents。
“Daughter is older,I can’t take care of my mother,Ugh……”
Du Xiaoyan answered with a wry smile,Actually Yanzi listens to her very much,Almost what she said,Never violated her meaning,She only told Qin Liang on purpose,This is also a kind of covert swallow in disguise。
“OK, master,You’ve grown up,Actually learned to sue me in front of my mother!You cow!”
Swallow immediately mocked Qin Liang a few words。
“The problem is that I didn’t report this case either!”
Qin Liang answered bitterly。
now,Zhou Meili has dealt with the three snakes,Walked back lightly,Stand by everyone’s side……