“”My family is happy,Both parents,It’s absolutely out of play with the male first script。

“Then Nini either likes boy one or boy two,But the male and the male are the female lead。”
“You are the heroine?”
“I’m Jiabai Fumei,Used to compare with the heroine。such as,How hard the hostess lives,And I won’t have to work hard when I was born. I’m the top seed in the control group.~~~~~”
“”Your brain,I am enough。
Xie Yunchu couldn’t laugh or cry,“and so,You are a female lead control group,And me,Is a male lead control group?Born to lie down,Both parents,Happy life,Compare the male lead to a little pitiful,Sent to the hostess?Maybe you have to play the role of a villain,is not it?”
Baby Ou waving,“How can you be a control group for the male lead?I definitely can’t be a villain,You are the hero’s Bole。Waiting for the hero to fly,So you can eat and drink with the hero。”
Chapter Eighty Five So silly
Otherwise look,A control group of male protagonists in many scripts,There are a few good endings?The most famous one is the descendant of Dayan,The worst man in the show,The last and worst one。so,You can’t be a control group.”Naturally, I have to protect Xiaoyun~~~
You actually watch such old movies.Are there too many hard drives in your little study?.
“But you are a control group,You don’t worry about becoming the villain of the heroine?”
“I have you。”
“.”Although this conversation is really silly,But I can still be so happy,I’m so dumb.
Xie Yunchu can’t look directly at himself for now。
“and so,Nini can’t be with Jiao Yuan,It’s obviously a female script。I will,I still won’t be classmates with Nini。Otherwise, not every day at the Shura Field?I like watching dramas,But i don’t want to play。I don’t even want to do the control group。”Baby Ou looked at Xie Yunchu,Ask seriously,“How about you,If you are in a script,Optional role,What do you want to do?”
Xie Yunchu answered directly,“Just be with you,Any role。”