“I can only say,Teacher Chu is the most cows!”

“To all involved《Gift in Room 7》Pay tribute to the cast and crew!”
“This is the pinnacle of our Chinese film,But definitely not the highest peak,I believe it will continue to improve!”
“I look forward to them making better movies in the future!”
“I even admitted the Golden Globe Award,So have we almost conquered the whole world??”
“Hahaha,Yes,This time the Americans can only watch us win the prize,Really long face!”
In cheers,On the edge of Shen Huan’s ear,Another melodious beep sounded。
“Ding Dong!”
“《Gift in Room 7》Won the grand prize of the Golden Globe Awards,Aroused widespread attention and huge popularity”。
“One work has repeatedly won too many honors,Although the system feels that the host is suspected of opportunism,But the system has never been a cautious eye。”
“Now I will reward the host with a song,Double reward for a movie,Hope the host can achieve more results!The system will never resist these honors and popularity!”