This statement,Everyone is surprising。
Turn it back。
Everyone has grown up,The eyes are hot and look at the delicate porcelain bowl on the table.,All stay。
Fifty million?
Bai Yunfei actually gave a price of 50 million antiques.?
Good hand。
Even if he wants Bayona,Not so big。
Even if Li Qingshan and others are also extremely surprised,And the white clouds are faint smiles.,Can’t say。
Reversal,The corner of the mouth pulls out a high-profile smile。
Only him know。
This bowl,In fact, he took the foreign auction.。
He doesn’t want to send it personally,In fact,He didn’t send moon gifts these years.,But the moon never received。
He can only http://www.fengxianqulvshi.cnuse the white cloud to fly as a fan.,Bring the birthday to the moon。
Because……His hearts hide a very deep secret。
then,When he first saw the moon,He is unhappy, I like it.。
The key is,At that time, Longfei had a very good location of the family heirs.。
Moon appearance,Let him have set a determination。
later……His brother is dead。
Accidental death。
But actually……It is his back to make an email and planned.。That year,Long Fei is over 18 years old。
NS153chapter I am in provocation.
Starry night,hall。
When people learn from the Internet,This bowl is even more than 70 million in front of you.,Suddenly。
All were thrown by Bai Yunfei.。
“Seventy million……”
Even if the moon is also lost,We will shake your head more firmly.,“White latch,Be too precious,I can’t receive。”
“Monthly,For me, This is a bowl,Nothing precious,Is the dragon?”
People brush and look at Longfei。
Long Fei is very enjoyable to this feel,The mouth is outlined in the signature confident smile,“Monthly,This is a little bit of white bodies.,Or accept it.。”
Toned,He also,“Moreover……Although this bowl is a colorful gold bowl,It is not the Yuan Dynasty.,In fact, it is not worth much.。”
Just finished,Suddenly came to a smile,“I finally said something.,This bowl is fake can’t be fake.,Value five dollars。”
Voice is just,Laugh。
Everyone,Then follow the reply,Sudden face。
Because,Talking is summer。
Longfei and Baiyun Fei’s face suddenly。
Baiyun flew now,Just just said two words,It was interrupted by the summer.。