What’s more http://www.art0393.cn terrifying is because the weather is fine,After visiting the villa,Bill·Gates chose to chat with her on the artificial lake beach in the front yard,Looking at the lake in front of him, Ge Lingyue was hairy。

If thrown into the lake,She really doesn’t know how to swim。
Fortunately, this Microsoft boss doesn’t seem to have the intention of throwing her into the lake。
During the period, there were no five big and three rough people wearing black suits and Bluetooth headsets.,The lounge chair by the lake feels very comfortable。
The only pity is,With Bill·Gates is dressed casually,Ge Lingyue feels that her dress is too formal,If you put on a casual outfit,Even if I sit here all afternoon,Drinking cold juice,Talk to the former richest man in the world,I really enjoyed it。
Think of it as stealing a floating life for half a day。
Especially Bill·Gates http://www.longjuhotel.cn is also very talkative,The experience of making a huge amount of fortune from scratch makes his life full of legends.,Talking about his life experience casually makes Ge Lingyue feel very beneficial。
Unknowingly, I’m not so worried anymore。
The only doubt is probably that this old man wouldn’t really just call her for a chat?
What’s the meaning?
I can’t give her this mansion,Then let Xin system not be promoted in Europe and America?
of course,Killing Ge Lingyue won’t believe Bill·Gates would be so http://www.szht92.cn naive。
Just spent a very good afternoon,Near dinner,Bill·Gates asked suddenly:“I am curious about a question,Can President Ge help me out??”
“Would you please。”Ge Lingyue replied immediately。
“We all know to develop an operating system,And it’s very difficult to have a brand new operating system。However, Changxiang Technology has completed a very mature operating system in a short time.。Even using a very special technique,Solved the hard、Software ecological issues。So i really want to know,How long has the Xin system been developed?。”Bill·Gates opened his hand and asked seriously。
Bill·It’s not surprising that Gates’ identity asks this question,After all, he was once a super technician。
From a guy who can only type code,To own the most successful software company in the world,Some questions about technology are normal。