She is full of depression,It seems that many grievances have been,Chen Linzhi said:“Such a big set of houses,I can’t get it, I can’t cut anyway.,The light is wiped out of the window for two or three days.,Must be processed!”

“……I just let you know the new environment.,If you know your hands and feet,You can call one or two help,We are responsible for cleaning your health with you.,Salary is calculated according to your reward。”
Chen Linzhi stands in the yard,Look at the big house that is sunny,Meet the highlight of your life。
At least in this old Jinshan,He believes that it is better than yourself.,Remove the suburbs of those who have huge area,I have already picked a few,Rich area belonging to the rich area。
Of course,Being behind the remedial debt of $ 2 million,One year interest is up to 190 million US dollars,Extra cost tax, etc.,Some somewhat swelling faces of fat。
The others have the same price as him.,I will not buy such expensive luxury homes.。
James·Newman,Have a few million dollarship,I also spend nearly $ million in purchasing property.,Already a relatively extravagant。
Zhou Baomu was amazed by the house.,I can’t help but ask Chen Linzhi:“boss,This time is not a rent of the house.,You bought it here.?”
“Um,A total of more than 200 million US dollars,Will not take a takeaway in the future,I have to leave a home.。”
Chen Linzhi is excited。
Zhou Baomai came to him for a few months.,In fact, the wealth of Chen Linzhi has,There is no clear understanding。
Until this moment,It seems to be underestimated by this employer,Surprisingly。
Since it suddenly thinks that you have daughter,I don’t think about how much Chen Linzhi has.,This look,It doesn’t matter if it seems that it is nothing to do.,I am a lifetime of my life.,What to get?Nearly fifty also gave people a brush toilet,Pour trash can,Dirty clothes?
Heart is moving,Take the initiative to say Chen Linzhi:
“Such a noble house is not,No wonder the whole day is busy with people,It turned out to make a lot of money.。You want to find someone to help,I have a good candidate.,My daughter is working hard, I’m too hard.,Now teach people to play guitar on the Union Square,I can’t earn a few money every month.,Otherwise come to you as a housekeeper?
Children want face,Said going out a little better,Coall with me,Task is heavy,How many salary,Originally hired three people’s money,I only give us two people now.,Say, you save some points,Millage these I can do it yourself。”
Three people’s live,Two people,Prerequisites。
Chen Linzhi heard,It is found that Zhou Bao is a little economical.,Laugh and answer:“Okay,Just as you can say talk,Wage,But I have to live in me.,Twenty-four hours of stationing,Take a week to rest for two days,It is best to turn around。Ten hundred dollars a week,This price is。”
Yin Xiaomao is also a nanny,That kind of one living in employer,Chen Linzhi heard that the salary,Really not cheap,Different from ordinary hybrid cleaning。
He also thought about let Yin Xiaoma hopped,Can take into account your private life confusion,Please have an unnecessary trouble.,There is not so much scruple for Zhou Bao.,It does not exist。
Directly doubled,Have to return to the fare、Rent a house,Don’t mention your daughter to make a good future,For this good things, Bao Yam is not seeking,I don’t say that I agree on the spot.,Le to the mouth,Busy to go to the house to clean your health。
Ferrari was opened by Chen Linzhi,Mercedes-Benz leaves the house for renting under the mountain,Nowadays Aston now·Martin is full,Fortunately, the garage is large enough.,The roadside can also stop。
He is still poor in half a year ago.,Life is so wonderful。
Andton finish,Chen Linzhi drives to San Francisco Union Trading Company,He opened a new home San Francisco Joint Private Equation Fund Company,Located in the husband,Seven floors。
Originally prepared to go to San Francisco’s highest floor pyramid building rental,I know that all the floor has been sold out.,I have to pay back。
Milking pressure and huge daily overhead,Chen Linzhi decided to start planning layout,Formal hoarding yen foreign exchange futures contract,Take 500,000 US dollars to try water。
Meet the new employees,Tell them the only goal in the short term is the gambling yen appreciation,Immediately learned that the yen has been connected to four trading days,Different two%。
This makes Chen Linzhi, who have not understood the market recently, is afraid,I have been fortunate enough to accompany the female house.,Stay at night,Otherwise, take a gambling table according to the original idea.,A few days will definitely lose big……
NS164chapter Unique task
Just established small company,More than 300 square meters of office,Just only eight employees。
I have never thought about the customers.,Financing、customer service、Sales of these positions are saved,Chen Linzhi only recruits some financial analysts、Wind-managed director,Talents such as Fund Operations Manager,At present, it is mainly to help him to take personal assets.,In order to grab the opportunity of the eyes。
People’s architecture is called,There are no statements such as senior partners.。
Anna Atas Asia asked him to use money,Chen Linzhi did not agree,Not worried that the two relationships will cause contradictions,But it is afraid that the teacher is disadvantaged.,Far, she has made her invest in stocks.。
The company has purchased severalibPersonal computer,Operating system dependent instruction,Microsoft has not launched a user graphical interface operating system,Used to help employees understand market real-time trends,Purchase packaging program floppy disk,Flower off Chen Linzhi a lot of money,Selling is still dependent on the phone,
“Yesterday, you know each other.,Today, it should be an official work on the first day.,Maybe you have already heard,I am not graduating from the financial professional from the top school.,There is no experience in fund operations.,Nothing to create a foreign trade company,Earn millions of dollars from it,I will definitely pay for you.,It is also enough to take the investment.。