Tong Juan glanced at him and said:“Xia Hao I asked myself,He said this to me himself。Why did it suddenly change,Maybe they found something?“

“Damn!I wanted to make trouble when they pre-sale,Let her die in this project,I didn’t expect them to do such a trick。This shows what?“Xu Yiming shook his head,A look of helplessness。
Tong Juan took a breath and said:“It seems they have discovered me,Lianchuang can’t stay anymore“
“Oh sister!Why do you keep thinking about yourself,This is what I do,This is done,Can i still have your job?A subordinate unit of Yunmao Group,It’s easy to get you a vice president”Xu Yiming comforted Tong Juan who was a little anxious。
Two people like roosters that lost a fight,Head down,No one spoke for a while。After a while,Tong Juan suddenly said to Xu Yiming:“Xia Hao is so amazing,He is not only strong in business,And also a first-class master in management,I didn’t know what this person did before,Didn’t you find him?”
“I asked someone to check it,But his information shows,No such person,This makes me a little confused”Xu Yiming shook his head,Seem very helpless。
Tong Juan thought for a moment and said:“Gu Yue is actually not scary,Scary is this Xia Hao,Don’t look at his young age,Very sophisticated,Even a veteran like sister almost got tricked by him,You say how good this guy is,We have to make a tough move,Otherwise, his staying at the leader poses a big threat to you”
“I am also thinking about this problem,I have used all possible means,Nothing works for him!”Xu Yiming said distressedly。
Tong Juan sat next to Xu Yiming and said:“Time to use the killer,Get the photos taken by Sister Cheng,In duplicate,One for Gu Yue,A direct gift to me,I don’t believe I can’t drive him away。He can only go,Gu Yue is not enough,It’s not sooner or later that you clean up her”
Xu Yiming nodded and said:“Sister is right,I immediately let Sister Cheng dispatch“
First0638chapter Uncover the conspiracy
Xia Jian after a busy day,Preparing to get off work。
Gu Yue opened the door and walked in,She smiled at Xia Jian and said:“I wanted to celebrate,But i think you are tired too,Then another day!“