So he learns very happily。

The teacher on the podium still maintained the greatest tolerance for this unique child。
Like Li Ke,Although I saw Wang Yufei blatantly looking at his phone in his class,,But he didn’t complain at all。
It’s not because Wang Yufei taught him a lesson,Mainly the performance in the open class of Mathematical Olympiad,Make this top student of the national key normal university deeply ashamed。
It is said that the sea of study is boundless and hard work,But if this student brings an aircraft carrier,Still nuclear powered……
Forget it,The feeling of making myself want to cry in class makes Li Ke deeply feel that life is boring。
But thinking of his experience of studying hard as a teenager,Looking at Wang Yufei……
“Why do I feel that the teacher started to choke in class?”
“You also think?Teacher Li has a cold, right??I feel that my eyes are red during the lecture!”
“Hey,Our teacher in No. 1 Middle School is responsible,But now Xiaoli is getting more and more ferocious?How do I feel more and more math homework?and many more,By the way, when he finally assigned his homework, his eye circles were red,Don’t you think you’re destroying us??”
Of course these innocent children would never think,The beloved teacher Li was simply stimulated by Wang Yufei,I just want to toss their innocent children,Let his torn heart get some comfort,Let these children experience when he used to study hard,Everything suffered。
Just so capricious!
If you understand the trajectory of Teacher Li’s mental activity,,The sky in the middle of the first middle school must be snow in June,What kind of hatred is this??!
“So our small goal has been achieved?”
noon,Pleasant lunch time,Lu Yuxin got good news from Wang Yufei that they had overfulfilled the task。
Mathematics homework is divided into a lot of such things,Of course it doesn’t cause any trouble for Wang Yufei。