“Um,Have time to contact,I still have to be busy.。”

Chen Linzhi with a broken plastic bag,Say the horse,The arm did not dare to shake,I am afraid that the objects in the jar have sound,Chair。
Already determined that there is something,But have not opened yet,What did you have to install?http://www.weixin008.cn,In recent days, I will be very crazy in my friend’s home.,Many things are not,I still owe a favorite person affection。
If you really go to some worth of money,There is no doubtful in hand.,Recently, I am drinking.、Constantly,I really can’t calm down.,Consider thinking about what should I do next?。
Song Yuexi station in the door of the martial art,Viewing the direction of Chen Linzhi,A cold air blowing,Hair slightly fluttering,Attractive passerby。
soon,She shook his head,Not a matter,Start to disturb today to interview,Misfired
Yin’s work is still free。
Career debt,Occasionally it is inevitable。
I want to forcing to stay in the debt in the rest of the debts.,I didn’t expect to force the gambler’s mother.,Whether you get anything to them?。
Even if you are http://www.hhrservice.cn strong,The muscles can always be practiced on the brain.。
Palbling a broken iron,Yin Zhaoba is swollen and a big bag,Today is resting at home,Calculate work injury,But I didn’t get medical expenses.。
Listening to him to mention the moment of the whole thing,Chen Linzhi speechlessly:“What business is not good,I thought that the people of debt were afraid of you.,I didn’t expect you to work hard.。”
“Have a hard-earned money,If you borrow money, please,Let them pay attention to money, it will be difficult,Simply following their life。
Especially some gamblers who borrow money from the underground casino,Risk is quite large,It is also officially released now,Have to take a house、Car and other mortgage,Yesterday, our boss received a pottery pot of Ming Dynasty.,Sell this price here,But just want to send it to Hong Kong http://www.gofanb.cn City,I heard that I can make a profit.。”
Yin 蛰 躺 着。
Words are not intentional,Chen Linzhi relies on forehead,Suddenly realized that this year’s antique version is not high,It seems a good business in the door.。
For example, Jianbao experts who often appear on TV,It seems to be in this line.,Established a number of visible things。
Heart is moving,Turn and think of adding baby,Suddenly some discouraged。
Chen Linzhi continued:
“So high interest,Normal people will run to find your boss borrowing money?It’s all gamblers who walked no way.、Poor,Come and pay attention to money, weird。
Your work is definitely not the right path,Go back to me,Wage is absolutely higher than now。”
Unpack the plastic bag during speaking,Take it out of the small tin to the mud,Poster a dining table。
Yin Zhenzheng,Curiously asked:
“how,You find a good job.?Work together,During speaking, chat will not be bored,But too serious work is very meaningless,How much is it to earn early?,Working on the white boss,Everything is the first to be resigned, all of us。
I heard that now I am beginning to restrict the Chinese quota.,Enrollment does not look at the rankings,But how much proportion is white,How much is black?,It’s time to go to us.,I should learn other people on the street.,Make trouble,Children who will cry have milk。”
“Cry and use it,Instead, recruit them hate,Human site,How many people in our Asian,It is inevitable that the fence is inevitably,Lesson first, etc.。What free nationality,I see the racial problem to solve it after three or forty years.,I have the opportunity to take you in the future.,Go to Hong Kong City mainland and other places,That can be everywhere is a fortune opportunity.。”
Chen Linzhi understands。
But Yin Zhao Shengjiang,The eye is narrow,Laugh:“It is really everywhere to get rich opportunities.,How can there be so many stealing passengers to find a chance?,My family has room warehouse has been rented out.,Live three people,Cold and humid, no sunlight,I can really suffer hard。”
Chen Linzhi contrast:“In the future, it will be different.,That is what they haven’t seized yet.,The door just opened in a few years.,The flower of the flower is fascinated by the flower。For example, selling the house,Running to the people who buy a house next door,I have to definitely have to be 20 years.,I should cry with a pillow.,Regret it here。”
If you skip the development period,Enjoy it directly to the bustling area of San Francisco,Chen Linzhi does not say anything,However, the old man ran to this like the city of San Francisco Tangren Street in the city.,Buying a house is also slaughtered by the real estate agent,Reason for the presence of a headless crying。
He is solving the sealing of the jar,Also plastic bag,This thing is buried in the soil for decades,Still not decomposed。
Yin Zum saw his move。
Stretch the swollen bag on the brain shell,Take the small jar。