“You do!If you really want to open your noodle restaurant all over the country,Then you find an agency,Let them handle it for you”Wang Lin smiled and said to Cai Li。

Cai Li looked at Xia Jian a little embarrassedly and said:“I don’t know who to call for these things?”
“It’s ok!If you think about it,I’ll help you”Xia Jian already understood what she meant from Cai Li’s words。So he picked it out clearly。
Cai Li took a breath,Lowered his voice and asked:“I’m afraid it will cost a lot of money to get it done!I don’t know if I saved enough money?”
“Shouldn’t cost much,Registered trade http://www.digetongfang.cn name,After that, you have to renovate your store,Get a good house number”Wang Lin patiently explained to Cai Li。
Cai Li took a breath and said:“The child is getting older,Strong self-esteem,So I have to work harder。Can do better,Try to be as big as possible”
“Rest assured,I am looking for a more professional company,Let them come to you。You can cooperate with others,Of course,The agency fee must be paid”Xia Jian said with a smile。
Cai Li,A little embarrassed to say:“I know this,You really think of me as a fool”Several people couldn’t help laughing。
Come out from Cai Li Noodle House,Xia Jian took Wang Lin around in Pingdu。Although Pingdu is a small city,But small cities also have their own unique characteristics。Moreover,They are now waiting for news from Yao Junli,Nothing happened after I went back。
Inadvertently,Xia Jian took http://www.zgxybmh.cn Wang Lin to the clinic opened by Wang Youcai。The words on the house plate have been installed,Covered with a red cloth。The store is messy,Several workers are busy。
An old man in his sixties stood with his hands behind his back。Xia Jian couldn’t help but walked over,Asked softly:“Old man!This Wang Youcai didn’t come?”
The old man glanced at Xia Jian,Hehe smiled and said:“No,He went back home。What are you looking for?How come here to find him?”
“Nothing happened,Just ask?You are the doctor here?”Xia Jian is really too smart,This old man is actually Doctor Lu,Lu monkey his dad。
The old man stroked a few goatees,Smiled and said:“How do you know i am the doctor here?Could it be that you know me?”Doctor Lu asked a little puzzled。These days,Xia Jian was the first to say he was a doctor。
“You can see it from your body。Over sixties,Stand http://www.32912999.cn here with hands behind。At first glance,But you don’t bow,Don’t know。It means you haven’t done any physical work。The old man who can stand here to supervise the work,Who else can he be if he isn’t a doctor??”Xia Jian said all his thoughts。
Doctor Lu couldn’t help laughing:“Young people are so smart!You guessed it right,I am the doctor of Chinese medicine here,Last name Lu。You can ask if you are free,Elderly people in Pingdu should basically know me”
“Ha ha!It seems that Wang Youcai is really not easy。He can invite anyone as famous as you,It seems that this kid has picked up gold ingots”Xia Jian laughed and said。
People in this world,Whether it is an old man or a child,They all like to hear others say they are good。The same is true of Doctor Lu。Xia Jian just mentioned that he is a mental worker,He’s already so happy。I was so excited that my identity also came out。
But he did,I’m advertising for free。Because the clinic opened,Someone must come to see the doctor。