But even so,Su Zhidao and the remaining six Lingshi,Including four black roughors,Also all shape。

Then, all, I have emerged from the heart of my heart.。
“Ha ha,really,We also http://www.qdwqy.cn speculate that you become soul。”
“Soul,I haven’t been out for thousands of years.。”
A Ling Sea strongman immediately laughed,“Wang Wei,You can worship me as a teacher……”It is the mystery of the fire.,Also the owner of the monitoring,Fire。
“Fire old man,what do you mean。”
Another person is dissatisfied,“I am ready to grab people now.?
Did you ask us?。”
“right,If you work according to your own strength,The fire old man is just shooting in the third,Wang Wei,I am the main owner,The extreme martial arts is the entire Academy of Pasta……”His words have not finished,I have interrupted a spirit of Linghai in the palace.,“Li does not regret,You are a good idea.。”
“Be right,I have to have Wang Wei to choose……”“cough。”
At this time,Big Summer Lord Zuo Chonghai Cough,“Wang Wei,The whole big summer is known,I have promulgated the will,Whoever gets the first place in Runshi?,I will give the little fish to whom,Now I am ready to marry……”“okay!”
Not finished,Su Zuo said immediately interrupted the crusty。
“Image,Take care of the image,About Wang Hao,Take later。”
Toned,Also look at the left dust,“As for the marriage,this mortal life,What you said is the first place in the mountains.?”
“Yes,Little left, don’t confuse,We all remember clearly,Moreover,You have promised it in the main hall.,It is also a free body of the fish,After her husband’s own choice。”
“Yeah,You are the country,无 无,do you know。”
The grandparents of the country, the face is dark。
But he is worthy of the country,Neck,“I have long seen the little fish like Wang Wei.,Now I fulfilled them,It is the meaning of the sky,What is wrong?……”“Wang Wei,Rational。”
Su Lao said some helplessness,即 温 道,“In fact,Since there is a rune sea,Never people have entered the ninth floor,you are the http://www.csjlife.cn first,Let’s talk to us,What is the situation in it?。”
Everyone is looking at,Even if you are a strong,It is also difficult to cover the curiosity of the face.。
“The inside is a four palace,Each palace,Floating hundreds of thousands of rune,And the artistic conception of those runes is very high.,I just blend five truth in it.,Then break through the sixth path……”What!“It is a palace?
How can it be!And there are hundreds of thousands of runes in every palace.?”
“What level of the true spirit??
Is there a six or more??”
“……”Including Su in the road,All Ling Sea strong people are all tongue,The lagmate。
Summer hidden information for men and education,Naturally, I will not say that I have refined a palace.。
Besides,I have not concealed.。
“……Behind the fourth heavy palace,There is a http://www.irrstech.cn long channel,Passport,Is a altar……”
NS3202chapter Mood
Tianshen Palace。
In the front water curtain picture,Summer stood up,Suddenly triggered a big wave of cheers。
newborn、Old life、teacher、And people from big city in big summer,Form a wave of row。
After cheering,Is hustle and noisy。
Is various discussion。
Enter the ninth floor of Runhai,For big summer,For the College,Absolutely a big event!Before no ancient people,Afterlife。
Only this example。
Wang Wei(summer)It is inevitable in the history of the cultivation of the big summer,Leave a strong。
The girls of the thorn flowers are happy and called,Have a glorious。