The parents of Anna Tasia,It built a luxurious manor in Bentonville town,Now, Anna Tasia rarely lives.,Occasionally take children to visit parents,Now her father passed away.,I am afraid that no one will live later.。

The end of the funeral end,Chen Linzhi sleeps with Anna Atas on a bed,This woman is curling and crying.,It’s really sad.。
If it is said that before the operation,She is also a little mentally prepared,This thing is too sudden,I didn’t leave her for her time.,It’s really too big to fight.。
I can only hold her.。
Thoughts flew over more than ten years ago,I have a whole home with my east.,Run Bentonville Town to find the opportunity to make money。
Have a while,Chen Linzhi thought that he would stand with Anna Atas to the old,Like normal husband and wife, Ens love,Although it occasionally a little friction,But can always go together。
I came out of a series of strokes.“Accident”,The current situation is not bad,But it has already been different from the initial idea.。
Cognition in the Wal-Mart supermarket,Anna Atasian is still a girl who has just left university,And he is also a poor two-white hair kid,It is already a fifteen years ago.,Many things have a huge change,Including themselves。
This house,Full of her father’s memories,Chen Linzhi fell in his mind,Just thinking about where Antasia and his son daughter go to the heart,I was crying that night until she was.,Different sleep。
The person who left forever left.,The living person must continue to live。
Anna Tasia’s mother locked her husband’s late study,Everything keeps him before leaving,Decided to go to New York to accompany your daughter for a while。
Chen Linzhi sent them to New York,After a few days, I always feel that the atmosphere is too depressed.,Sorporation of marine delivery,Bring them together to Italy。
More than 100 meters long super luxury yachts,Nowaday, I have docked at the near sea next to the pier.,Gray hull,Internal decoration style technology is full,EquippedLEDlamp,It looks a bit like the class of space warships。
It takes a few years before and after,A total of more than 300 million dollars,Internal there should be,Indoor pool、Gym、Watch hall、Medical room、Two helicopters on the deck, etc.。
They decided to go shopping in Italy,After the boat,Opening from Italy from Italy New York……
NS572chapter Snowball
Factual prove,For many things,Recommend it completely,The 的 还 still。
Samsung in Korea,In the past years, Chen Linzhi has been broken by Many Fortune Roads.,This company actually starts playing technology to hit the porcelain,Trying to in the chip、LCD screen and other fields and Chen Linzhi grab business,Wicked,Multiple lawsuits。
So Chen Linzhi backhand to collect some vulnerabilities,Rushing2001At the beginning of the year,Samsung products in Europe and America market,And vigorously support the home appliance industry in the Mainland,Try to seize the medium and low-end market。
Chip,The photolithography market is almost held by Chen Linzhi.,There are many key semiconductor patents in addition to this.。
As the Internet market is getting bigger and bigger,More and more friction,Various lawsuits continue,Chen Linzhi’s income is increased month by month,His market value of listed companies is also crazy,It has reached the stage of changing some securities assets.,Seeing the bubble is blown up.。
The industry’s domineering position is not so good,On the one hand, we must coordinate the interests of all parties.,On the other hand, it is necessary to face the offensive of countless competitors.,In addition to this, you must constantly attack,Ensure long-term in terms of strength,Run in front of the technology and market。
Technology change is extremely fast,I am not careful, it is possible to overtake,The example of the collapse of the giant also also countless。
all in all,Two years in the 21st century,Chen Linzhi did not live in danger,In order to occupy the market,Development and acquisition of new technology overhead,Capital is played in his hand,A commercial empire is already standing stabilized。
2000year,There is nothing in life.,The only exception is probably Zhao Bai Lu pregnant。
This shows that even if ligation,Still there will be fish,In this regard, Chen Linzhi is not worried about Zhao Bai Lo’s class.,Wait until the child is born,It means that he has five children.。
Maintaining existing life,Occasionally, I will still go to find fun.,Especially those stars。
The circle is a bit complicated,Meet this kind of thing,Also beneficial can take,For example with Angelina、Jessica·Alba,Never leak。
I am afraid that it is a change.,There are still countless young girls,Go to his side,Participate in Hollywood every time,It’s just that people look。
Although I understand is not very good,Chen Linzhi still cherishes this idea to maintain enthusiasm for life.,Wafer,Continue to be a middle-aged boy,Two years old girls,Can make him attitude younger。
Moreover, it is not firm enough.,I encountered the active attack of those beautiful people.,It is really difficult to resist。
2001March of the year。
The Three Gorges Dam finally started a water storage power generation,Power delivery through a supporting grid,Already able to bring gains to the Three Gorges Group,Current Chen Linzhi46,It is preparing to continue the investment scale only in the new project of the Three Gorges Dam.——Longtan Hydropower Station,It is expected that there is two billion yuan。
Open the air on the same day,Chen Linzhi is on the spot,See the river river,He only feels not easy,I can finally see the money.。
Also in March,M·O·MSupermarket opens six hundred stores,Twenty-four-hour convenience store also began to appear in a second-tier city,Land Rover offline the first joint ventite,Lujiazui three-phase project began to start,First hundredM·O·MThe integrated shopping mall officially landed in Chang’an。
Along with the economic development of the mainland,Chen Linzhi’s business is also high in the boat,Communication in contact with people、finance、Insurance and other fields,The development momentum is equally amazing。