[How to make winter melon soup]_Recommended diet

[How to make winter melon soup]_Recommended diet

Winter melon is a very common food in our daily life. It tastes very good and has high nutritional value. Many people like it very much.

In addition, the method of winter melon is very possible. It can be perfectly combined with many foods to release more nutrition. In daily life, everyone likes how to make winter melon. How can simple winter melon soup make it delicious?

1. Preparation method of winter melon soup First, wash the winter melon and cut into pieces or slices with appropriate thickness and set aside for use. Heat the oil in the pot, add an appropriate amount of peppercorn powder, stir-fry the flavor, and add the appropriate amountScallion ginger garlic is fragrant.

Add the cut winter melon quickly, add some salt to stir fry, be sure to use some salt, because we will add soy sauce later, soy sauce itself has a certain salty taste, if the saltToo much can cause bad taste.

When the melon is slightly softened, add two spoonfuls of soy bean paste, let the melon completely cover the soy bean paste, and add an appropriate amount of water. It is better to stew the melon just after it has been cooked. After the melon is cooked, this is simple, and the melon soup is ready.Now, if you like soup, you can leave more water.

Those who do not like the soup can leave less water, and the taste of the melon is very soft.

2. The nutritional value of winter melon Winter melon almost tastes good, and the nutritional value is also very high.

Winter melon has more vitamin C content, higher potassium content and increased sodium content. It can help patients with hypertension, kidney system and other diseases to eliminate swelling.

In addition, the melon contains specific acidic substances, which can well inhibit the conversion of sugars into adults, and the melon itself does not contain traces, which has a good weight loss effect for the beauty-conscious people.