And Lin Sichen thought for a moment,Just talking:“In this case,Then I will go find him,Clarify this matter!”

in fact,In Lin Sichen it looks,This is currently the best solution。
Even if the trouble goes on,Actually, for everyone,Is not a good thing。
And looking at these,At this moment,Lin Sichen smiled faintly。
“Ye Xuan,I want to see,Why is he embarrassed to start!”
“But in that case,Then don’t blame us for being impolite!”
When Lin Sichen saw this,Those around,Is nodding。
If you really say that,So how should this matter be handled?。
Actually just these,It makes people feel,It seems to be very difficult。
And looking at all of this,The more so,Actually, Lin Sichen thinks it should be speeded up now.。
“Ye Xuan,Really don’t need so much,What you gave is already good。”
Lin Qianqian looks at Ye Xuan,Don’t forget to say here。
Ye Xuan,Don’t forget to talk here。
“It’s nothing,Actually these are what I should do。”
“you guys,Don’t be polite to me。”
in fact,If Ye Xuan did this,You can increase your health。
and,Ye Xuan is really not being polite here。
And with Ye Xuan,Lin Qianqian at this time,Smiled slightly。