The local area is also a poor county now,There is no such ability to build a road to the outside for every town surrounded by mountains,Even the road leading to the county can’t be repaired。

Fang Hao was born in the countryside,I always feel that my hometown is relatively poor,But I only found out when I got to this place,What is true poverty。
Traffic is extremely inconvenient。
After arriving at the county seat,The convoy did not drive far,There is no road ahead for cars to pass。
Want to keep going,You can ride a motorcycle,You can ride a bicycle,You can also walk there。
The car is absolutely impossible to drive,I can’t drive to death。
Roads in many places are not as wide as cars。
Drive a motorcycle over,Some people can do it,But Fang Hao saw that way,I remembered my experience of being hit by a car,Some legs are soft。
If something goes wrong,I’ll be dead。
So he is determined not to ride a motorcycle。
Long line,In the end, they all went by bicycle。
There are still some things on the bike,That is the gift they gave to the local elementary school students。
There are some roads where you can ride a bicycle,There are some sections,Can only push the bike forward。
Fang Hao is in good health,Can still support。
Zhan Li can’t do it。
Go all the way,She’s out of breath。
If it weren’t for the media reporter Cheng followed,She really wants to quit。
too tired。