Mo Xiaosheng also understood Li Qianying’s intentions instantly,The eye sockets suddenly turned red,Even before life is gone,Li Qianying is still so considerate,Still think of him so much。

“Mr. Mo,In a movie I have seen,‘Everyone can only walk with you for a while,Sooner or later we will separate’,Unfortunately,I can only accompany you here!Thank you too,Can remember me!”The eyes of Li Qianying in the video are already full of tears,But still pretending to be a relaxed look,Said with a smile,“You will remember me,Right?Then……Goodbye!”
At this time, Mo Xiaosheng in front of the phone also had big tears in his eyes.。
He got up suddenly,Throw the phone aside,Then took the silver needle,Continue to give Li Qianying acupuncture according to the acupuncture method that I have previously studied through Guizang Bagua,Keep gently rubbing the tail of the needle with your fingers,Use your best to transfer the spiritual power in your body bit by bit like Li Qianying’s body。
But this time this method seems to have lost its original utility,Mo Xiaosheng used this needle for a long time,Still no effect at all,Li Qianying’s face on the hospital bed didn’t improve at all,Breath is gradually becoming weak,Like a candle swaying in the wind,There is danger of extinguishing at any time。
“Chikage,You insist!Hold on……”
Mo Xiaosheng’s voice was whispering,Keep on hand,Never give up。
But after all, the spiritual power in his body is limited,Over time,Mo Xiaosheng’s face has also become pale,The body sitting in the chair is already shaky。
Him now,The spiritual power in the body has grown significantly,Much richer than before,But even at this time, he almost transferred all the spiritual power in his body like Li Qianying’s body,Still has no effect。
And he was already sweating profusely,I feel like I’ve been watered by rain,Wet and transparent,Wheezing,Physical strength is almost exhausted,The hand twisting on the silver needle finally slipped weakly onto Li Qianying’s body。
At this moment, Li Qianying’s body is slightly shiny,Obviously it is lower than the normal body temperature of the human body。
Mo Xiaosheng trembled and called her,Hand fumbled and grabbed her hand,Li Qianying’s smile appeared in front of her eyes,My heart is full of perseverance,Suddenly a thousand arrows gather。
Li Qianying, who was unconscious in the hospital bed, heard Mo Xiaosheng’s call.,Still feel the pain of Mo Xiaosheng,The ring finger of her hand held by Mo Xiaosheng trembled slightly。