And a very strong newcomer like the 18th,Want to become a hero,Generally also choose better welfare new hero associations。

But now the other party has chosen their hero associations.,In order not to let such a person,So Xicch’s attitude is relatively low。
When the second test is conducted in the 18th,Others around you naturally continue to follow up,Because since the Hero Association did not fall,I haven’t seen such a strong person for a long time.,Choose to join the Heroes Association。
And everyone also wants to see,What level can I do in the 18th?。
Under a hundred times of gravity environment,normalCLevel hero does not say jumping up,In this environment,I am afraid that it will be directly died directly.。
But at this time, the ethnographic entry into the gravity room.,Its weightlifting,But let everyone suspect,Whether the device is faulty。
One hundred times under gravity,Eighteen gently,Directly reached the previous highest record,Once again, I refreshed the three views of everyone.。
And when I punch,18th look at machines in the world,Can’t help but smile,Subsequently suppressed a punch。
No. 18 seems to be flat,The so-called boxing machine is displayed.“9999”Word,Then emerged a lot of steam and electric sparks,Obviously break through the limit of machine calculation。
And witness all of this,Look again to the eyes of the 18th,It has been thoroughly converted to be horrified.。
Teenage girl in front,It is simply a peeled ancient beast.,Such physical fitness is not normal in normal humans.。
Powerful female hero is not,Such as the throttle of the dragon roll with hell,In female hero,The strength is the first nature。
But general female hero,In the innate condition of the body,It’s not as good as some male heroes.,Strong female hero,Generally, it is also against itself or super power.。
But the 18th in front of them,Obviously those female heroes before,Through the test of the test,Everyone understands,Although the other party is a beautiful young woman,But actually really a tyrannosaurus。
“Miss No. 18,I am afraid that it is no longer more than a super gold black light with the body to the limit.。
Tyrannical cold wind,Can take the liberty question,Miss No. 18 is ordinary human beings??”
Xiqi looked at the 18th of the boxing machine,Emotional excitement。
The other party said that he wants to becomeSLevel hero,It is really not bragging,But the other party really has this strength。
But in seeing the powerful strength of the 18th,Xiqi started a little worried,No. 18 is not human,But the same geeks like before the sweetheart。
Now their heroes are on the tips of the wind.,Even the ability is more biased“Zombie”and“Dolphins”Etiquette,The association will make them temporarily stay at home.,Don’t conduct hero activities。
“The 18th is indeed not pure human,She is the so-called transformation person,However, the degree of transformation is not too big.,Body or flesh and blood,Not Jenos that metal 瘩。”
After listening to the answer of the night,Xiqi expressions are more satisfied,As long as the 18th is not a geeks.,Next, he even has an idea.,Prepare to give an advertisement of the 18th,Take the opportunity to combat the new hero association of the most recent arrogance。 Because the rise of the new hero association,Outside the current Heroes Association,Has become a garbage storage center。
Those who have been eliminated by the new hero association,I will choose the Heroes Association.,I also led to the recruitment of the Heroes Association.。
After all, no one wants to admit,You are so-called“Rubbish”。
But the emergence of the 18th,Let Xichen feel a good wave,Such a strong 18th selection of their hero associations,Not a new hero association,This is enough to make the rumors not attacking。
“Is there any other test??If not,Certificate gave me a quick appointment,We have to go。”
After a boxing hammer,No. 18 boring horn,And look at a pleasant Xichen asked。
I have been staring like a monkey since I just started.,For the 18th of the cold,I have already arrived quickly.。
http://www.dtrlt.cnThere is also the last test,If Miss No. 18 can be successfully passed,I will let you go right away.ALevel hero certificate。
And a dragon-level disaster appears,Will give you priority,Let you rise at the fastest speedSLevel hero。”
In fact, the so-called highest difficulty test,Just is the last one.,More comment now,In fact, it is a temporary plus.。
Not Xicchi’s opinion on the 18th,Instead, it is too high for its expectations.,So I want to temporarily add a test.,Test the Eighteen Equipment。
After all, some people have strong physical ability to leave,But it is not good at fighting,Such people are not。
finally,The 18th and Night came to a special huge tactical room,Here is a combat training room for the Heroes Association consumes huge summers.。